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Who is Joseph?

William, our Founder's Grandpa, ran a very successful marketing company for many years called Conrad Studios. Conrad was William's middle name and Joseph is Daniel's middle name. Daniel being our founder. So by calling his company Joseph Studios it was a way for Daniel to pay respect to the Ole Man.

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Organic Marketing FAQs

Common Questions We Field For New Clients

Organic marketing focuses on connecting your brand to potential clients in genuine ways. So for example, an organic marketing campaign might leverage; story telling with blogs or past client success stories, audience outreach with helpful tips and how-to guides, or meetups and community activities. These would then be shared on social media, blogs, and email campaigns to grow your audience naturally. 

The important thing to remember about organic marketing is that it focuses on connecting people, rather than paying for traffic or views, and as a result has a far higher success rate for conversion.

Organic marketing is a very important channel, because in most cases, it is either the main or one of the main channels for attracting visitors, both in their quantity and quality. It is often recommended to use organic traffic indicators as a starting point when analyzing site traffic.

In order for a website to have traffic that converts consistently, it's critical that it not only appeals to search engines, but also gives people what they come for. Here are some tips:

  1. Work on the content so it's actually helpful.

  2. Build a white-hat SEO strategy that uses organic principals.

  3. Regular updates on your site and publications.

  4. Posting in social networks and contributing to your field.

Always remember, treat your marketing efforts like it's all happening at a house party. (strange analogy but it works, just bare with us for a minute)

When you're at a house party, you're not flipping a sign with a discount or yelling at everyone to buy your latest book. (That's just a sure-fire way to not get another invitation, and the same is true in business). Instead you should arrive dressed well, smile on your face, and you should have a positive attitude. Then while there you should enjoy the food and drink, contribute to conversations, be nice to others, and be helpful to everyone around you.

Now all that said, which guest do you think is going to get a phone number, second invitation, make lifelong friends, or reap some new benefit from attending the party?

Yeah, kind of a no brainer there, right?! So we have to ask... why are you marketing like the first guy who was at that party? Why are you selling and advertising like the first guy, who likely wont get another invitation? hmm?

Well, it's all good because this is our specialty. (stretching this analogy to the limits now) We specialize in organic marketing and we'll make you successful at your next house party.  Ok, enough of that analogy, but it is extremely true. Just keep this in mind when you rebid for your marketing vendors or are looking for your next sales lead.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of correcting and accounting for a larger number of targeted web site visitors using search engines through influencing the free or “organic” search results. The position of the website in the search results should be as high as possible to ensure a greater visit to the users of this website.

What are the benefits of organic SEO marketing? 

Approximately 75% of clicks fall on "organic" results. Visitors trust such results because they consider them to be the most relevant search queries.

Organic SEO optimization directly depends on the site content. We suggest you do the following:

Make friends with other websites that have similar but not competing information. Creating multiple external links that point to a website, search engines are given more knowledge about where you fit into the bigger picture of things. If you're well linked to and from within your sphere of influence, and if your content is well organized, then excellent organic search engine optimization work has been done and you're all set.

What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic is the flow of visitors that goes to the site from organic results (not ads) within search engines. -People search for words or phrases by entering relevant queries in the search bar and get the results. Thus, organic traffic!

At the same time organic traffic does not include the traffic that is created by advertising. So just FYI there.

Also, it's believed that organic traffic is better than paid  ads or PPC, has a  much higher conversion percentage, and that many users fundamentally prefer not to click on context ads, but to follow links from organic output. 

NOTE: Despite the fact that organic traffic is considered free, it requires careful work on the site, its content, usability and page loading speed.

Content is a decisive factor in organic marketing strategy, and any great organic marketing agency will keep this in mind when building out your strategy and executing. 

Always remember! Competent organic marketing places relationships and content first. As a result, it will help your site be TOP of the search results without paying for ads.

High organic traffic to the site simplifies search engine optimization. These are interested users who have come to the resource themselves. They are highly valued by search engines. The more organic traffic to the site - the higher the resource is placed in the search results. Therefore, the main goal of SEO is to get more organic conversions like this.

Organic marketing and the resulting natural clicks are the main source and the key channel to attracting people to your funnels.

What is Organic Marketing?

Joseph Studios takes a holistic approach to grow your business through organic marketing. For those of you wondering "what is organic marketing?", we have an answer for that. Organic marketing is a practice or strategy that gets your customers to come to you naturally over time instead of direct marketing advertisements, such as paid links or boosted posts. It takes a little more time, but those connections made through organic marketing create a more loyal and engaged customer base. Now, how do we do such a thing? We have a few different approaches when it comes to organic marketing:

What is Organic Marketing?

Organic marketing focuses on connecting people to your company in genuine and honest ways, rather than using paid ads or gimmicks to try and grow your business or spread brand awareness. Organic marketing is all about using the power of word of mouth, and the way we implement our organic digital marketing services exponentially increase the number of people who are exposed to your brand and the products or services you provide, but in such a way that they're much more likely to become your clients and customers.

Organic Email Campaigns

A key difference between blogs and emails is access to your customers: With a blog, you are in your own space and the customer comes on their own to view your content. Younger generations love blogs, and seek out interesting ones to read and share. To them, they are a way of life and expression on a personal and professional level. With an email, the message is sent to each recipient personally, and as long as they have a smartphone, it can reach them wherever they are, whether or not they are sitting at their computer. If your clientele is GenX or older, their attention to social media and blogging may not be as frequent as the younger crowd but most are compelled to read and respond to emails. Email lists are often built by request of the recipient, too, so they will be curious at each new arrival.

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