10 Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

May 14, 2021
by Deanitra Kuminka

Whether an experienced marketer or a complete newbie, we all need the motivation to improve our work. It is always a good idea to follow successful marketing campaigns and to add new features to your own content. Nevertheless, since you typically need to be subscribed to an email list to find a successful email marketing campaign examples, it can be difficult to find them. Even if you are a subscriber, finding a successful campaign can be difficult because you are bombarded with automatic newsletters on a daily basis. However, we’ve put together a list of some of the best email marketing campaign ideas to help you come up with your own ideas.


Hundreds of millions of people around the world get their news and entertainment from BuzzFeed. BuzzFeed’s newsletter became one of the site’s most popular traffic sources. They are the best when it comes to creating fantastic material. Their subject lines and previews entice you to open the email right away!


Starbucks, as the world’s largest coffeehouse chain, is widely regarded as the face of America’s second wave of coffee culture. Give people a reason to read and respond to your emails! Like Starbucks, for example. They know how to persuade you to purchase the half-price frappuccino.


Aesop provides personal and home fragrances, as well as skin, hair, and body, care formulations. Their newsletters have it all: stunning, straightforward graphics, distinctive colors, and engaging content. You will find out what to listen to, what to see, and where to go in their newsletters. It has a rather brief explanation, but there is always a button to continue reading if you want to.


Uber is a service that connects people who drive and deliver with riders, eaters, and restaurants. Uber’s email campaign is basic but elegant. Uber’s newsletters are great because they get right to the point. The text is typically short and to-the-point, with a simple call to action, which is ideal for subscribers who don’t have much time and just skim the post. There is always a link to follow for those who want to know more. Uber sends out various promotions and offers an awesome map of your journeys, complete with a comprehensive route map.

Taylor Stitch

Constructed to exacting standards and designed responsibly for the long haul. Taylor Stitch is dedicated to creating the highest-quality clothing while minimizing its environmental effects. They are always considering their clients’ needs and desires. The design is basic, all white, and features some truly inspiring images. They list how many of each product they have, so you’ll have to act quickly because those parts won’t last long.


Customers who pay for the app will access a library of guided meditations aimed at addressing anxiety, insomnia, and relationship issues. As a result, Headspace seems to be similar to a self-help app. Headspace is a meditation app with a guide. Their newsletters are well-structured for those who don’t have time to click through long emails. As a result, it is short and straightforward.


Airbnb makes sharing easy, enjoyable, and safe. Hundreds of thousands of hosts and travelers have signed up for a free Airbnb account to list their rooms and book unique accommodations all over the world. Their email campaign appears to be very successful. The design has everything you want: bright colors and a simple design, as well as a straightforward goal and minimal copy. They’re doing a fantastic job of keeping their emails short and sweet, with a straightforward call to action. Guides to various cities will be included in each message. It was recently about Barcelona, with its hidden beaches and nearby haunts.


Litmus’ modern, redesigned interface makes it easier than ever for teams to coordinate, create, evaluate, and review emails in one unified framework, streamlining the development process and increasing visibility and collaboration. Litmus is an email testing tool that lets email marketers function more effectively, catch costly mistakes, and improve campaign results. The nature of their email marketing is really interesting. GIFs are very common these days, and the animation used by Litmus is eye-catching and encourages you to keep reading. Litmus’ headlines do a decent job of explicitly stating the subject of this email.


Flock is a powerful business messaging and team communication software that consolidates all of your tasks into one convenient location. Flock excels at sending beautifully crafted emails. They always know when it’s the best time to increase your production. Email reminders are here to assist you.


Sweetgreen is a place where you can get plain, seasonal, and healthy food. This salad firm has a vibrant and eye-catching style. ‘Green looks good on you!’ they say, so go ahead and place an order in just a few steps! When you unlock The Green Status, you’ll get an email informing you that you’ve unlocked some benefits. A free salad on your birthday is one of these perks! So, if you’ve been craving a huge quinoa dish, now is the time to indulge!

We truly hope that these email marketing campaign suggestions will inspire you to enhance your own email marketing campaign.


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