10 Things to Know Before Hiring A SEO Agency

September 22, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

So, you have a website for your business and maybe have one of the best websites out there…but what good is this website if no one sees it? With all the websites out there, it can be difficult to get potential customers to find your website. This is where search engine optimization comes in (SEO.) 

Not every company has an in-house SEO team, this is why companies hire an SEO agency. There are tons of SEO agencies out there which raises the question “how do I find a good SEO agency?” We have 10 things you should know before hiring an SEO agency, which will help you to choose the right agency and one that can deliver effective results. 

10 Things to Know Before Hiring A SEO Agency

Determine your goals.

The first step to finding an SEO agency for your small business or enterprise company should always be an internal evaluation to determine your goals. Do you want to increase your website visibility? Do you want to organically rank for keywords? Do you want to increase website traffic? By determining your goals and defining clear goals you will have a better time finding an SEO agency that can fit your needs. 

What are the costs?

Of course, you will want to understand the costs of the agency to know if it will fit your budget. Along with the cost, prior to working with an agency, you must know how the agency is billing you. Is it per hour? Do they have a flat rate? This will give you a better understanding of what you are paying for what you are receiving. 

Does the agency understand your business?

A lot of times, people assume working with a marketing agency isn’t possible because they don’t understand your industry. You’d be surprised to know the various industry’s marketing agencies work with on a day-to-day basis. Although marketing agencies may not be experts in your industry they should have a basic understanding and enough knowledge to build a successful strategy. On the other hand, sometimes it’s best that you aren’t working with an expert in your industry because they can provide you with an outsider view that can help you see things from a different point of view. 

What is the agency’s reputation?

If there’s worse than there is good being said about an agency, that’s a big red flag. Most agencies have a place for reviews where you can read what previous clients have had to say. This will give you a good idea of what it’s like to work with the agency.

What is the management like?

As a client, nothing is more frustrating than not being able to get in touch with a manager. Prior to working with an agency, you must identify who is in charge and how easy it is to get in touch with them when needed. 

What does the partnership look like long-term?

Working with an SEO agency is a long-term investment because results will not be produced overnight. Ask yourself what it’s going to be like working with them long-term. Keep in mind most SEO results don’t begin to show for at least a couple of months so it’s a work in progress. Choose an agency that can grow with you and can guide you through all the phases of growth. 

The results they have produced

This goes hand in hand with reputation, but you have to do your research on the results they produced. Just because an agency promises you results, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to show you the facts to back it up. Good SEO agencies will have good results and more than willing to share. In addition, once you are a client, they should provide you with monthly reports to keep you in the loop 

Client History

Although any good SEO agency can create results for any type of client, you might want to know what types of clients they have worked on in the past. Perhaps you are a business in the tech industry and they have worked with quite a few tech companies, you can further research the work they have done for clients that are similar to your business. 


Most Agencies have some sort of contract. Typically, you can expect a contract to be six months to a year. Prior to hiring an agency, it’s important to know how long you will be working with them and the timeline of what to expect when. 

Determine their plan

When looking for affordable SEO companies, it’s ok to ask how they are going to achieve your goals. If you are wondering how they are going to improve your search engine rankings, you are allowed (and you should) to ask them. Keep in mind that not every client is the same and different strategies will be used for different clients. 

Do they offer other services?

You might be looking for more services other than SEO. Maybe your business needs a marketing agency to handle social media. Hiring an agency that offers SEO and other services like social media will not only be more affordable but will enable you to create a seamless marketing strategy that works together. 

Don’t hire an SEO agency without doing the research you need to know you will have a successful SEO strategy and an agency you will work well with. Be sure to ask the questions you have because SEO is a long-term investment that is needed for every successful business today. 

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