20 Key Marketing Strategies for Technology Companies in 2021

February 11, 2020
by Deanitra Kuminka

It is 2021, and marketing strategies continue to evolve. Marketers are implementing automation tools to increase the outreach of their marketing campaigns, and things are getting complex for new marketers by day.

Marketing for a technology company is different than marketing plans for other businesses. When you are marketing for a technology company, you also have to pitch their products or services. For an effective marketing strategy, you need something which says that “this” technology company stands out from its competitors for this “product.”

At Joseph Studios, we are one of the leading professionals in marketing. We have not only helped tech companies mature their marketing plans, but we have solved problems for all kinds of companies, time and again. 

Create a Company Blog

If you are a tech company, think about creating a company blog where you can share related prospects, tutorials, and guides.

Start Making Video Content

As a tech company, it is your job to show the world what you are capable of. So instead of depending upon only on your content, start producing good quality videos and custom animations that complement your business’s ideology and purpose.

Kick-Start Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is one of the most useful tools a technology company may use to get personal with its potential audience. It will help you to not only generate regular leads but will also help you to connect with each of your customers on a personal level.

Manage Your Company’s Page on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most beneficial tools and fastest-growing platforms for marketing in 2021. Most of the marketers nowadays prefer LinkedIn for marketing where they can meet other B2B professionals.

Get Witty With Social Media

If you are a technology company, it is only fair that you need to connect with your potential audience. Especially if your products and services require you to connect with the millennial audience, social media is the ideal platform.

Use Organic Marketing on Social Media

Use meaningful content on your social media pages to attract your potential audience.

Go For Paid Marketing Campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are the most effective platforms to market your products and services.

Find An Effective Brand Ambassador

Using the support of a reliable brand ambassador who can get your product and your brand’s name in front of the public eye is an excellent hack.

Post Meaningful and Engaging Content Across All Platforms

If you plan on maintaining a public image and staying above par, you need to start taking measures to create meaningful content right now. More importantly, you need to maintain your content’s quality and make sure that your content is aimed at the right audience.

Bring Your Client Testimonials On the Front Page

If you have a brand website, you can bring your previous clients’ testimonials to your front page. This will at once help you build a relationship based on authenticity and familiarity with your audience.

Arrange Webinars

If you plan on staying in touch with your audience with your latest tech products, services, and events. You can arrange regular webinars that would attract like-minded people to your website and build a name for your brand.

Don’t Forget Influencer Marketing

In 2020, influencer marketing is all set to go above and beyond. The right influencer can bring your product in front of a huge audience, and this technique is highly cost-effective for tech companies.

Optimize Your Website For Call-to-Action

If you have a company website, make sure you have direct call-to-action buttons and statements scattered throughout your profile. Whether it is a blog post or a pop-up, call-to-action buttons are highly effective.

Nurture Your Leads

If there has been a potential lead on your website, you should be tracking it with each session. As soon as that lead leaves or gets slow, you can get in contact with them and pamper them with special exclusive offers.

Use Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing automation tools are a new addition for this year, and everyone is using them. You can use them to find out what your competitors are up to and what is going on in the market.

Get Associated With A Marketing Agency

An expert, reliable, and a result-generating marketing agency like Joseph Studios can help you make your business in no time. Feel free to contact us for any queries, and we will get back to you right away.

Build Your Brand’s Identity – Leverage Facebook Groups

If you are looking to get your brand’s name across, you can use Facebook groups. So if your company sells smartwatches, you can join the Facebook groups where people buy and sell these kinds of things. That is where you sweep in with your product and your offers, build your brand’s name, and develop your product’s authenticity.

Build Interactive Experiences For Your Audience on Your Company’s Website

When people come to your website, they should only be leaving after an enjoyable experience. If a potential customer visits your website and leaves out of fatigue or tough layout of your website, it will only alienate this lead.

Therefore, build interactive experiences like quizzes, animations, and interactive slides on your website.

Develop An Exclusive Product

Most importantly, you must have something to show to the world. Being a tech company, you must either have an outstanding product that makes you stand out from your competitors. If you are a service-based company, you need to offer an expertise that is not available anywhere else.

Keep Remarketing For Existing Customers

After your customers have bought something from you, do not just leave them on their own. Reach out to them through their emails or phone number that they provided you and build a relationship of trust. After that, you can keep remarketing your products to them in an organized way, and your existing customers might convert into permanent leads.

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