4 Ways SEO Content Helps You Increase Your Websites Organic Traffic

May 03, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

A marketing strategy that is essential to every business is SEO (search engine optimization.) SEO helps to increase your website’s online visibility. The importance of SEO can be compared to a misplaced book in a book store. If a book is misplaced in a bookstore, it can be impossible to find a book amongst all the other books. The same goes for websites. Without SEO, it is nearly impossible for people to come across your website.

Proper SEO requires a lot of strategizing and time, but if done correctly, can increase your website’s organic traffic exponentially. Organic traffic to your website is the most important traffic.

Organic traffic means your visitors came to you naturally, versus a paid link or advertisement. Paid SEO (pay per click) generates results quickly but they are not as effective as organic SEO. Over time, your placement on search engines begins to fall, dropping your ranking to the end of the search pages. That is when you need SEO the most.

Organic SEO takes some time but will build long-lasting results. Not only will results be long-term but most people trust organic rankings because the content is usually more relevant. Organic traffic to your website brings valuable customers. This is because the visitor searched for a keyword that was relative to your product or service and is more likely to convert to a sale because they are already interested. So how exactly can SEO Content increase your website’s organic traffic?

Search Engine Rankings

The number one factor for search engine rankings is quality content. Quality content consists of developing target keywords for each page. These keywords are how people are going to find your website. For example, if you’re a local business that offers fitness coaching in New York, you will want to use the keyword “Best fitness coaching service in New York” throughout your page. By using this type of SEO content, you will give search engines more content to tag as relevant, increasing your rankings on search engines.

When it comes to quality content, it’s important to remember to consistently post relevant content. Relevancy is the best indicator of a site’s relevancy and this is another way to increase your site’s search engine ranking results. SEO rankings are extremely important to increase your site’s traffic because they will be displayed on the first few pages of search results. When people use search engines to search, they typically don’t go past the fourth result page. When your site is placed on the first page of search engine results, your visibility to searchers increases, driving new users to your site.

Having Content of Interest to Consumers

Having a blog for a business’s website has produced a tremendous increase in website traffic. This is because the content in the blog has given search engines more content to tag as relevant. Blogging has become a part of SEO strategies because of the opportunity to use keywords and develop more content.
Not only is blogging important for SEO, but it will produce more content that might be of interest to consumers. If you post blogs regularly that are interesting and informative, more people will want to visit your site. Blogs are an excellent marketing strategy because it gives others the opportunity to share content. Once your blogs are shared, it will more than likely increase your website traffic (ultimately increasing sales.)

Remember: Quality content is key. When producing content for SEO, tie in keywords naturally so the content makes sense to readers.


Once you have quality SEO content on your site and overall good content published on your site, you can start to utilize backlinks. Backlinks are when a business posts link on other sites that point back to its website. To post backlinks, you must have good quality content on your site that is relevant. Once you have that, people will allow for guest posting. This is when someone else publishes your content on their site. This allows for more brand awareness and increases web traffic.

Social Media

Social media is a marketing strategy within itself, but it is also an SEO strategy. This is because search engines recognize the content on your social media. The content on your social media should feature keywords you would want to rank for on social media. If you have a strong social media presence, you will increase your overall online visibility, search engine rankings, and website traffic.

Marketing agencies often use SEO and social media to complement each other. Social media can assist in amplifying your SEO campaign with content that is optimized for keywords by generating more backlinks. Social media is one of the easiest ways to push social media. With nearly 3 billion users on social media, it is inevitable that content on social media will be seen and draw users to your website.

Joseph Studios is an organic marketing agency that offers SEO services. Our organic marketing approach ensures that people are being attracted to your site naturally. Organic marketing has been proven to lead to higher conversion rates and this traffic is even more valuable than paid ads.

Joseph Studios has a team of SEO experts that produce excellent results for our clients. Our SEO services involve landing pages, organic backlinks, and optimizing your web content to improve your rankings for search engines. Joseph Studios’ SEO organic backlinks can help you and your business by organically ranking for important keywords, ensuring potential customers are able to find your site when they research your products and services and increasing the positive reviews people read about your business.

Joseph Studios’ SEO team is unique because all the work is done in-house and never outsourced. This ensures the work done for clients is accurate, on time, and efficient. When SEO efforts and backlinks are handled by a real person, content is created based on what real people are searching for.

If you are interested in how your SEO content can increase traffic to your website, contact an SEO expert at Joseph Studios!


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