6 Tricks to Boost SEO for Local Business

July 09, 2018
by Daniel Klein

If you have a physical business, an establishment of any kind you need to carry out local SEO strategies to increase the visibility of your business. The number of companies that have moved to the digital world to advertise does not stop rising. It is tough to find search terms with a low cost per click in Google Adwords, and traditional SEO is not as effective when it comes to positioning local businesses. The big question that you will inevitably ask yourself is: how can I make my business stand out? With this idea of making your business stand out, especially when it comes to a local company, we have created this article with six regional SEO strategies that are easy to implement.

Check the Google My Business Category

When it comes to improving your page in Google My Business, one of the key aspects is to select the category in which your business works. Believe it or not, a vast majority of local companies do not bother to classify themselves in the correct type and choose not to mark it or adequately investigate to which one they should refer.

Periodically Check your Google My Business

To continue taking advantage of Google My Business, we must regularly observe the amount of data about the results that this tool offers. Nothing is more typical than signing up in Google My Business and forgetting entirely about the profile. When you can indicate essential details as how many clients have arrived at your company, how many have contacted you by phone, and if they looked at your schedules

Google Publications

In Google, you can make posts that are similar to small ads that contain a short text, an image, and a URL. These publications are useful for customers for obtaining the information about a new product or service, an event that you organize, offers that you will make in the future, or any other aspect of your business that is going to have an advantage.

Use Practical URLs

URLs are very useful for informing search engines and customers where they are and what the function of the page is. Within the structure of the website, you must have a logical order with its folders and subfolders neatly arranged so that it is a right and suitable space for the Google algorithm, as well as for the user’s eye.

Create a Secure Website

For some time Google has started to warn users that many pages were not safe. If your website does not use SSL, Google informs the customer that they can be in a low trust space, especially in the case of online stores. It is a factor to be taken into account, not only by Google but also because many of us check before including any sensitive data if the symbol to the left of the address bar indicates HTTPS or HTTP.

Quality Content

Writing quality SEO content to drive your organic website traffic is an exhausting task for many business owners: once they have several posts, they run out of ideas or face situations in which they forget to update or do not like directly.


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