7 Best B2B Email Marketing Practices to Follow in 2020

7 Best B2B Email Marketing Practices to Follow in 2020

Effective marketing techniques are not something email marketers get served on a plate. An effective marketing campaign requires a lot of research work, studying your audience’s persona, and devising a large marketing campaign as a whole. As an email marketer, you should always be aiming towards a wider marketing campaign, which includes implementing SEO techniques, paid marketing, and utilizing social media, email marketing, and more.

As far as email marketing is concerned, it should be a separate part of your larger marketing campaign – so you can extract maximum benefits out of it by combining channel synergy of different mediums.

Marketing to businesses is relatively different than direct traditional marketing to consumers. That’s exactly why there exists a completely different marketing method, called B2B Marketing, which is focused directly on businesses and corporations.

While some businesses sell their products and services directly to customers, some business caters only towards the needs of corporations and companies.

When you are working with businesses, your marketing campaigns should be designed for businesses rather than individual customers. This requires you to smartly analyze what business you are working with and build campaigns that appeal to a working group of individuals.

For this blog, however, our focus falls on B2B Email Marketing, and by the end of this blog, you will have a fine idea of B2B’s Email Marketing best practices that you should be following in 2020!

1. Having an Accurate, Precise, and Clear Subject Line

Your email subject lines are a direct representation of what’s inside the email. If your subject line isn’t appealing enough to bind your customer, how can you expect your customer to open and read your emails?

Even if the content inside your email is much more engaging and appealing, it won’t matter if your audience isn’t reading your emails or is marking it as spam. Therefore, have a sheer focus on what your subject lines are going to be. Make sure they are highly unique and engaging. Using authentic, precise, and correct subject lines is an excellent way to build a binding relationship with your customers right from the start.

2. Sending with the Right Frequency

Focusing on the number of emails is a highly crucial task. Perhaps 3-4 years ago, there was a time when people would opt for the quantity-centered email marketing campaign. The higher the emails sent, the more is your outreach. However, with an increased hustle in the world out there, it’s now the best approach to send just the right quantity of emails.

If you are sending excessive emails, the smart filters in inboxes will mark your emails as spam right away. You have to analyze and maintain just the right frequency for each section of your email marketing campaign, i.e. introductory, branding, product publicity, inactivity, etc.

3. Your Emails Should Be Personalized

We cannot stress this part enough: personalization is highly essential. Recently, brands are opting for data-driven personalized email marketing campaigns, which are proving to be highly fruitful. When you are using authentic data to address your customers, they are bound to feel a sense of engagement.

Especially when you are tracking their clicks and actions on your website, you can present the assistance of your own. This tactic binds the customer to its very core and has excellent potential for customer conversion.

Personalization is an email marketing strategy that has gained high significance in the last few months and is all set to go beyond with automation based campaigns.

4. Cross-Platform Friendly

With mobile devices in excessive use now, many businessmen and end-consumers are used to checking their emails on mobile devices. According to statistics, 55% of total emails were checked on mobile devices in a major part of 2019.

Given these statistics, you must optimize your email content for mobile devices as well. When you are targeting your audience using B2B email marketing, you need to make sure that your message is being heard across the other side. You should also be making sure that your email has a similar binding layout on iPads, smartphones, iPhones, tablets, and desktop computers.

In other words, make your emails as cross-platform as friendly as you possibly can.

5. Visual Stimulus is A Must

As human beings, we are designed to receive increased stimulation from visual media. The dopamine receptors in our brains are more sensitive to images, videos, and even audio as compared to written text. Try to inject your emails with meaningful and engaging visual media. You can use interactive pictures, animations, and related videos.

However, make sure you’re not stuffing your emails by inserting media that aren’t related or necessary to your campaign. According to a recent study, having your email accompanied by an image increases the chances of your subscriber reading it by 60%.

Hence, try sharping your emails with one or two related visual media. We are confident that you’ll see positive results at once!

6. Short Emails – Followed by One Call To Action

In present times, people don’t have time to read long 200-300 word emails. If you are selling a product, your aim should be to bind your audience right away and convince them to buy your product. That should be your aim – however, that’s easier said than done.

But, what you can do is keep your emails as precise and short as possible. Your customers should be receiving your email like push notification, and they should at once know what they have to do.

For example, if you are selling a product, your marketing email should have a short 50 word content in addition to some visual media. Followed by a direct call to action so the customer can be taken to your website, or perhaps you can provide a layout for your customer to buy right from the email!

7. Audience Binding Content + Segmentation

The content in your email should be well-segmented, organized, and well structured. As an email marketing manager, you should know what your audience wants, and your content should be designed accordingly.

When your content is organized and correctly-segmented, your audience won’t have any problem while understanding your email, and it’ll instead appear appealing.

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