8 Best Marketing Campaigns of 2019

December 05, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

We have seen that it’s hard for brands to make it out there because of the intense noise that’s been going on. We have also heard that marketing managers have to opt for new, innovative ways to gain results. While that may be true, it’s also true that some brands do make it across the other side. It may be hard, but it’s not impossible. According to 2019’s statistics, we have found that people are more engaging and inclined towards the marketing campaigns that they connect with.

Instead of focusing on marketing shares across multiple platforms, what marketing managers should really focus on is being able to connect with their consumers.

In 2019, the brands which went viral with their products or had a massive reach had one thing in common, their ability to engage with their audience! Now that we know what these brands have in common, let’s find out who these brands are.

Here are the 8 Best Marketing Campaigns of 2019 which drove massive customer conversions for their brands:

1. MTV VMAs – 500,000+ Social Media Mentions In One Day!

With the ease and 24/7 availability of digital media in our hands, very few people regularly watch TV these days. While MTV continues being a leading TV music platform in the world, its social media platforms help MTV engage even a bigger part of its audience.

Recently, on the occasion of MTV Video Music Awards, MTV was able to score 550,000+ mentions on social media in one day. By the way, these are only the statistics that we were able to count from direct sources.

While MTV hosted its regular annual VMAs, the marketing team at MTV on the side managed to crash the whole social media!

Since the charm and glamour of celebrities are too much to resist on social media, a celebrity centered event like this one is bound to draw attention by engaging the audience – a pretty solid scheme to seize the audience’s eye in our opinion.

2. Domino’s Pizza – Points for Pies 

Domino’s has been known for its creative marketing techniques for some time now. It excels all its competitors when it comes to digital marketing. In 2017, more than half of its complete retail sales came from digital platforms!

Whether it’s using creative home delivery offers or making smart use of their mobile app, Domino’s generates more than half of its sales using digital channels in the United States.

Similarly, in 2019, Domino’s came up with a creative marketing technique which allowed its customers to scan each pizza they had for points. The users were then able to use these points to buy more items from their menu. Moreover, the offer coincided with the Super Bowl and continued for 12 weeks.

Clever, engaging, and creative, right?

3. Calvin Klein and Shawn Mendes Teaming up for #MyCalvins

In 2019, Calvin Klein teamed up with Shawn Mendes and it blew the internet. Benefiting from the massive Shawn Mendes following on Instagram and Twitter, Calvin Klein scored sweeping mentions all across social media.

Moreover, another brilliant tactic followed by Calvin Klein here was that the tweets and posts were only made from Shawn Mendes’s accounts initially, which made the discussion over social media even spicier.

It’s safe to say that Calvin Klein and Shawn Mendes Team up was one of the most engaging, creative, and smartly executed campaigns of 2019.

4. Adult Swim and Rick & Morty Teaming up to Announce Next Season

As quirky, sassy, and adult-inclined show Rick & Morty is, their marketing department made sure to implement just the right tactics to make their message heard.

Partnering up with Adult Swim for the announcement of their next season launch date is unique and smart! The conversations this campaign ignited were not only focused on the new season launch date of the show but also threw the spotlight on the fact that Rick & Morty continues to stand up for a quirky sense of humor outside the show as well.

5. Kellogg’s – Transparency Campaign

Kellogg’s is recognized as the leading cereal brand and it won’t be wrong to call them iconic in the history of cereal packages. However, like all good things are prone to change, Kellogg’s had to turn towards a more transparent campaign.

You see that this new packaging is more centered towards what they actually stand for instead of focusing on the iconic characters and name of the cereal. In the 113-year history of Kellogg’s, this redesign campaign is the biggest one they’ve opted for.

The newly redesigned boxes have the bowl as the center of attention while the cereal name and iconic characters take the side spots.

6. Burger King – Quiet Finns (Silent Drive-Thru)

Burger King, a leading fast-food chain that is recognized all over the world, thought it was time for a unique change. Allowing fast-food consumers to speed up their process of buying, Burger King took a bold step in coming up with a silent drive-thru campaign.

In Helsinki, Burger King created the world’s first silent drive-thru where customers can quickly come and take up their orders. The concept is inspired by the stereotypical concept of Quiet Finns. People who don’t want to communicate while they’re getting their food can come, get their food, and go.

So if you are from Finland and land on the definition of the stereotype, you can get your food without any kind of verbal communication.

An interesting new concept for a marketing campaign right? We agree!

7. Spotify Getting Quirky With Memes – A Lethal Combo

Spotify shredding on the creative meme culture of social media was a super engaging campaign of 2019. In 2019, memes have been an excellent medium for brands to relate with their customers because why not? They are funny, relatable, and people like to share them on their own.

Pairing everyday moments that many people go through with songs is an excellent way to bind audience attention, especially on social media.

In our opinion, Spotify getting creative with memes is definitely one of the best marketing campaigns of 2019.

8. Nike’s Inspirational Video – 2019 Marketing Trends

Inspirational video ads have been a very smart method to connect with your audience in the last 2-3 years. These motivational ads are not only motivating but help people connect with the brand on an emotional level.

Hence, the campaign is bound to score sweeping shares and outreach throughout social media. Combined with the television medium, Nike’s inspirational video back in February was an excellent campaign that kick-started the New Year!

Lastly, we hope that as a marketing manager, these 2019 marketing trends can inspire you to design a powerful campaign of your own for 2020!


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