A Guide to Planning a Successful Cyber Monday Sale

October 15, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

Back in 2005, the National Retail Foundation (NRF) referred to the Monday that came right after Thanksgiving as “Cyber Monday.”

Why? Because of the Monday right after thanksgiving scored sweeping spending of $6 million by over 67 million shoppers. Since that day, a Cyber Monday sale is observed right after Thanksgiving every year.

According to Fundivo, When it comes to spending and engaging, statistics have shown that Cyber Monday still surpasses Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Thanksgiving. 

Cyber Monday is a day that each vendor, business, and especially the digital businesses need to prepare for, to gain maximum benefits out of it. Therefore, planning a successful Cyber Monday sale requires correct marketing tactics, appealing and distinctive products, and outstanding rates.

With an increased potential of Cyber Monday sales over the last few years, the retailers, both online and offline, have to start preparing for the special day right from the summer. 

For that very purpose, we have developed a detailed guide for you to assist your businesses in planning a successful Cyber Monday Sale!


As an Appetizer – Track Upcoming Cyber Mondays

To stay one step ahead of your competitors, start by calculating the dates for the next two Cyber Mondays. This will give you a head start for planning your Cyber Monday Sale. Also, knowing the date of next-to-next Cyber Monday will keep you in flow and let you start way ahead of your time.

As for this year, Cyber Monday falls on December 2, 2019.


Oil your Website – Make Sure It’s Ready for the Big Day! 

You have to get your site ready for Cyber Monday. This means, making sure your website’s backend is strong enough to withstand loads of traffic. Moreover, you have to make sure that the front-end of your website is compatible with mobiles and portable devices – you don’t want your sales dimming down because an iPad user isn’t able to see the main menu.

Also, you have to make sure that increased traffic won’t end up crashing your website. If you have the web maintenance tools and guides, now is the time to make use of them.

Here are a few area-targeted ideas for you to kick-start your website maintenance:

  • Website’s Uptime: Make use of the latest Google tools to calculate your website’s uptime and find out any potential threats.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Is your site compatible for operating on different platforms? As a business owner, this is an important area for you to look at.
  • Site Performance/Speed: You have to make sure your website is operating fast enough, otherwise the customers can always find a faster-operating store.
  • Support a Cause – Offering Humanitarian Approach

These days, brands are successfully able to market their products by going after a philanthropic campaign. One of the best ways to engage the millennials is by going after an approach that is distinctive and pops.

In addition to offering discounts (which is obvious), consider donating a percentage of revenue generated to a great cause. So you’re wondering what good will come from this? 

Here’s what:

  • You’ll be doing something greater than just sales, you’ll be helping someone.
  • Customers will know that a part of their spending is going into something meaningful.
  • Your brand will stand out for your approach.
  • Partner up with another brand!

Consider partnering up with a different brand, since the partnered products have been known to score sweeping amounts. 

For the last two decades, partnering up between brands has become a common and marketing-friendly proven practice. For example, Seasame Street Partnering up with sock brand Bombas, Uber and Careem have been consistently partnering up with multiple brands in attire, food, etc. 

When this technique is combined with the Cyber Monday Sale, it provides a better audience outreach. Consequently, driving more traffic to your store and increase your sales!


Introduce a New Product/Service

Getting a new product into existing marketing, especially on an event like Cyber Monday Sale or Black Friday Sale can be super beneficial. Customers are out on the hunt 2-3 weeks before the actual sale.

If you’re aware of correct marketing tactics and if your product has potential, it will go above and beyond! All you have to do is get your product in front of your audience as part of Cyber Monday Sale Promotion.

You may even introduce your exclusive product as a part of some deals and who knows, maybe it’ll become a top-trending product in a blink. Need an example? 

When fidget spinners were introduced, they were super exclusive and unique. I think it’s safe to say that they took the world by a storm!


Offer a Popping Giveaway

It is a human tendency and decency that makes people return back when they’ve been given something. While each person may be different, most people do appreciate it when you’re providing them a free service or offering a free product. As a result, they’d want to use your product or service again, even if it’s for a momentarily gain.

Similarly, if you have a good digital product that has the potential to make good sales – give a fixed quantity of it away as a part of some deal. Observe how the product performs and note down customer response. If the customer response towards the product is positive, chances are, cash will be flowing in your Cyber Monday Sales sooner than you’d observe.


Think Outside the Box!

Every business and especially the digital e-commerce industry works around the year to maximize their Cyber Monday Sales benefits. However, if you can manage to think different than everybody else and devise a strategy that’s only exclusive to you, you’d make a killing!

For example, since many people buy gifts on a Cyber Monday – you can start offering gifts and wrapping services for free. This will attract a whole lot of customers to your website, only because you’re exclusively offering a service that’s useful to them.

Similarly, you may partner with a food or clothing brand and start giving out let’s say, 50% off vouchers – that’d put it to good use, right?

Lastly, just try to be creative and more imaginative in strategic orientation, and observe the patterns around you. The key to making a successful Cyber Monday Sale is to be exclusive. Hopefully, you’ll be having batches of customers flowing in no time!


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