A Software Company’s Guide to Using LinkedIn for Marketing

February 07, 2020
by Deanitra Kuminka

LinkedIn is a safe haven comprising of 450 million professionals of multiple fields across the globe. Whether you are interested in generating leads for your company, building brand identity, establishing strategic partnerships, or kick-starting marketing campaign for your company, LinkedIn can help you accomplish it for your business.

As professionals, we are now connected more than ever. This might come as a surprise to you, but LinkedIn has actually become a highly effective tool for marketing and also for generating B2B leads. But most companies have not been able to explore that as of yet.

Recent research by LinkedIn revealed that more than 90% of B2B marketers believe that LinkedIn is an ideal place to win leads for your business.

If you are a software company, and you are looking for the ideal place to initiate your marketing campaign, LinkedIn has the potential to be a lead generation magnet!

By the end of this article, you will have a strong grip on how a software company can utilize LinkedIn for marketing purposes.

Begin with Your Own Profile

Sounds odd, right? You might be thinking that why should I start with my personal profile when the need is to use LinkedIn for company marketing. However, what you are not considering is that people do business with other people.

Even if your profile will not be a primary focus for marketing purposes on LinkedIn, you still have to set up a complete LinkedIn profile for yourself. Another reason why should be starting with your personal profile is that when people look you up on search engines on LinkedIn search, you want them to find something under your name.

When people want to associate yourself with you professionally, they try to find their profiles on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. It is where you give off your first impression as a professional.

When people want an answer to the question, “Do I see myself working with this person?” The first thing they will probably do is have a look at your LinkedIn Profile.

Followed by a LinkedIn Company Page

After you are done with your personal profile, the next step would be to define why you are on LinkedIn in the first place. You have to create a company page for your business, or you can call it a company profile.

Your company page will define what your business stands for. For example, for a software company, your page will be explaining what it is that your company does and how do you do it. People who may want to work with you will look at your expertise, your experiences, and your portfolio.

Optimize Your Company Page for Best Results

After you are done creating your company page, you also have to optimize it for search results. Many social media platforms, including LinkedIn, favor profiles with correct tags and keywords. So if your page has relevant tags and relevant content on it, it will start appearing in search results.

You can make your company page stand out by correctly explaining what your business stands for by filling out authentic information about your company in the details section.

Actionable and Engaging Content Goes a Long Way

Now that you have established a company page on LinkedIn, you also have to consider the quantity and quality of content you post.

It is a basic observation that out of 10 posts, there is a strong chance for you to generate at the very least one lead out of it. You also have to post engaging and convincing content about your company and expertise.

On the contrary, you also have to consider the number of your posts on your page. For example, spamming your audience with unnecessary content will just alienate your audience.

Implement the Power of Visual Media

While you continue posting meaningful, engaging, and actionable content on your company page, you should also implement appealing and meaningful use of visual media. When you are publishing a post about your product, service, or a guide in general, you can look for meaningful and relatable videos or images that go along with your topic.

The presence of visual media always helps to engage more audience.

You Can Look for Individual Leads

LinkedIn is a huge market for professionals, and you can always continue looking for individuals who might be good leads for your business. Like we discussed in the first point, individual profiles are actual people who you can connect with for longer and stronger associations, and all it takes is just the right match with the person of the right credentials.

Sponsor Your Best Performing Posts

So you just made a new post about tips to become a successful software startup, and it started making waves on social media organically. If that happens, it is an ideal time for you to sponsor your post on the platform, and it will start performing better, instantly, and exponentially!

Stay One Step Ahead With Analytics

LinkedIn also provides detailed analytics of how your page and individual posts have been performing. It provides you details about which ones out of your posts have performed better than others.

You can always use that information to your benefit and check what actually clicks with people. You will start to notice patterns, and you can use those patterns to create better content in the future.

Drive Your Marketing Goals and Stay Consistent

When your marketing game becomes stable on LinkedIn, and you start gaining leads once in a while, you have to stay consistent. You have to keep doing what you are doing, and you also have to keep improving.

For this purpose, you can set a bigger goal for your business and divide it into milestones. This way, you will be able to pat yourself at the back every time you achieve a milestone, and it will give you something to look forward to.

Remember, be consistent, and do not give up!

Stay up-to-date with the LinkedIn Marketing Blog

If you happen to feel disappointed out of the blue, don’t worry. The LinkedIn Marketing tactic is not a myth, and LinkedIn Marketing Blog vouches for it.

The LinkedIn Marketing Blog is an official LinkedIn blog where they keep sharing tips to stand out in the market of 450 million-plus people.

To learn more about how LinkedIn can help boost your marketing efforts, reach out to a team member at Joseph Studios today! 


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