Who’s Joseph?

I’m Daniel Klein, the founder and CEO of Joseph Studios. I started the company a few years ago when I began helping my friends grow their businesses. I took a look at my friends’ marketing and PR problems and wanted to help them grow businesses on the most solid foundation possible. That only happens when you focus on organic growth with a fanatical base, using stories to share how your brand provides value, and using data to measure success/failure.

The Joseph part is because my middle name is Joseph. The name comes from my Grandpa, who ran a successful marketing and design firm. That company was named Conrad Studios, my Grandpa’s middle name. So by taking on the name Joseph Studios, it’s a way for me to pay respect to the Ole Man after he passed away.

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Our Proven Marketing Strategy

We call our marketing approach “organic”  because we feel it’s more effective to use and leverage human-to-human (natural) relationships over interruption advertising (ex: Google Adwords, or Facebook Ads). -So by working with us we’ll spread your message through well connected influencers who are already talking to and have trust naturally built with people who would be your potential customers. Influencers can be people, blogs, forums, etc. We use them all!

From a technical and SEO perspective we use third party reporting to verify that what we’re doing for you is effective and complete. You gain access to these reports to hold us accountable!

From a social media standpoint we use your current customers to help you gain new customers by incentivising and getting them to take photos of their experience with you and tagging you on social media.

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