Award-Winning Email Campaigns

February 18, 2020
by Deanitra Kuminka

Award-Winning Email Campaigns

Award-Winning Email Campaigns

Take any given day and look at your email inbox, most of the time, it is filled with a barrage of automated emails and newsletters, which only add to our increasing alienation to content engagement. These automated newsletters and emails add another task in our daily chores which is either to mark them unread at once or unsubscribing the sender altogether.

But now and then, we also receive an email that captivates us and somehow compels us to open it, read it, engage with it, and we end up sharing it.

At Joseph Studios, after carefully observing the patterns, our email marketing campaign has deducted that your email marketing campaign is only as strong and effective as its ability to engage the readers, generate leads, and ultimately generate quick ROIs.

Email Marketing is a practice where digital businesses all over the internet use the power of content and relevant media and send them to a list of their subscribers. This helps eCommerce businesses, blogs, and forums to maintain a connection with their past visitors and ultimately generate more visitors because of consistent marketing.

It is true that an effective email marketing campaign can do your business. Still, it is also true that a badly organized, poorly strategized email marketing can even break your business, put hurdles in your ROI, and ultimately kill your organic growth.

Let us look at the benefits of email marketing, some of the top email marketing campaigns of all time, and how Joseph Studios manages its email marketing matters in detail.

Is Email Marketing Useful?

You realize the importance and power of email marketing only when you somehow end up with a great campaign for your business yourself. You will suddenly find great engagement, your traffic will increase, and you will drive in incredible ROI.

A great email marketing campaign can be the foundation of your lead generation program and kick-start your sales funnel. You can think of email marketing as a fuel that your business needs to engage more audience, drive more sales, and generate more revenue.

Similarities Between all the Award-Winning Email Campaigns

If you are planning on developing an effective email marketing campaign for your business, you need your campaign’s content to be clever and personalized. Your emails should be intelligent, engaging, and smart enough to attract attention in ever-filling busy inboxes of spam emails.

Following are the primary similarities in all result-generating, quality-centered, and engaging email campaigns:

  • Imagery and Visuals—The visuals in your emails have the power to help your recipients understand the point of your email. The right images and videos in your emails can engage your audience and make them interact with your email. Apart from images and visuals, en email filled with important graphics is also highly important where you need to show analytics and relevant data.
  • Personalization—Another important factor while building an effective marketing campaign is to make your emails personalized. Only a few numbers of people would be interested in reading an email that gives them a wall of distributed text. Even if you are targeting your audience with sir/madam introductions, it still does not make as much of a difference as addressing them with their first and last names.

You will experience a sudden improvement in engagement statistics once you start addressing your email list with their first or last name.

  • Responsive Design with a Call to Action—It is important that your emails are designed with an impressive and engaging layout in addition to having a call to action scenario. The primary and short term aim of your marketing emails is to engage your audience and make them read your emails. The secondary and even a more important job after engaging them is to develop a scenario where they become motivated and qualified leads for your business. You have to provide them with a call to action button or a layout where they can move towards the next step for buying your services.
  • Cross-Platform Optimization—Email marketing campaigns are designed for all kinds of devices, and your audience should be able to read your emails on their desktop devices, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. According to a recent study, almost 74% of online businesses today prefer cross-platform and especially mobile devices optimization when designing their email marketing campaigns.

Award-Winning Email Campaigns

Best Email Campaigns of All Time

Our marketing team at Joseph Studios recently studied the marketing statistics of the last ten years and came up the result-based top email campaigns. Have a look!

  • Starbucks

Starbucks knows how to give people a reason to engage with their emails. From colorful, engaging, and a swift layout to meaningful, engaging, and catchy headlines, Starbucks knows how to handle it all. They don’t only know how to make you buy that half-off Frappuccino, but they also let you know how the Frappuccino is sweet and chill, just like you!

  • Uber

Uber’s email campaign is tasteful and very simple. They know how to get straight to the point in their newsletters, and the text is brief, essential, and covers the core parts of their message.

  • Dropbox

From active collaboration announcements to regular newsletters, Dropbox has always been swift and smart while designing their email marketing campaigns.

  • Airbnb

Airbnb’s email marketing campaign is more like an organized letter which is highly precise, crisp, and only contains the essential elements.

  • Headspace

Headspace, being meditation and healthy lifestyle app, knows how to make its emails colorful and engaging with catchy lines and popping graphics.

  • BuzzFeed

Newsletters are one of the largest sources of generating traffic for Buzzfeed. Their campaigns are not only creative but also have an element of humor.

How Joseph Studios Can Help You Ramp up Sales with Email Marketing

When you are working with Joseph Studios, we will make sure that you never get in a situation where you have to explain your hundreds of customers about sending a wrong email. Anyone can build an email marketing campaign and send emails. Still, only a few can send emails to customers, which consistently drives more business, and that is pretty much why Joseph Studios can help you ramp your sales up with a boss email marketing campaign.


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