Getting Started with Managed Social Media

July 07, 2018
by Daniel Klein


Social Media Management Done For You


Facebook Management


Let’s look the ways this helps you and your business;

  • No nonsense posts from someone who knows your business

  • We’ll manage conversations with your visitors and followers to reinforce a positive experience

  • You can go back to running your business, not being on social media

  • Rely on us to seamlessly manage your social media strategy

  • Receive data-rich monthly activity reports, highlighting the leads we’ve generated for you and the growth we’ve enabled


Twitter Management

  • Our process is experimental, meaning we’re constantly running testing on your campaigns to refine and improve their results. We use the scientific method and PDCA so we know each decision made was the best option for your campaign.

  • We use data to drive continual improvements within your campaign.


Instagram Management


  • You didn’t start a business to be stuck on social media

  • Yes, it works. Yes, having this is essential for your business. Yes, having an expert on staff to do it for you is the best option. Yes, the team at Jos. Studios are your experts.


Yelp Management


LinkedIn Management


Creating a Culture

  • Yes, it’s true. Social media from a business perspective is about creating a radical and deeply devoted fanbase. We enable this for you so you can focus on your business

  • Lets build your devoted fan base, who are all ready and actively sharing your content to others.


Manage Other



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