Benefits of Working with Joseph Studios

July 25, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

When it comes to your marketing efforts, there are numerous roads you can take to get the work done. You can hire an internal team or outsource your marketing to an agency. Even after you choose to outsource your marketing, there are still a lot of things to consider to help you determine which agency is the best for you and your business. As an agency ourselves, we know there are tons of agencies out there that offer similar services that may even claim to deliver the results you are looking for. With that being said, we want you to understand that while results are extremely important, there are many additional factors to consider when choosing the agency to work with. 

Say you are offered two jobs at once…How will you determine which job fits you best? These two jobs have the exact same job description and duties, and both are willing to pay the salary you wish for. In this situation, you would look to the additional benefits (medical and dental benefits, paid time off, office environment.) People will always choose the job that offers them more and where they will feel that they are a good fit. 

Choosing an agency to work with is similar to that situation. There will be many agencies out there that offer the same services and present their ability to deliver the results you are looking for. However, outsourcing your money requires a big chunk of your budget and you should not settle for an agency. At Joseph Studios, there are numerous benefits to working with us that go beyond the results and service we can provide you with. 


Joseph Studios treats each of its clients as though they are our own friends and family! We genuinely care for our clients and get satisfaction from seeing our hard work pay off for our clients. Joseph Studios will do whatever it takes to see a client succeed. For example, bigger agencies tend to strictly enforce your packages and services. Perhaps you needed some content on your website to be spruced up and edited, but you only pay for social media services….it is unlikely that bigger agencies would take the time to do this quick project for you without creating an additional service to add on to your package. At Joseph Studios, we are willing to take the time out of our day to cater to your needs if it contributes to our clients’ success. 

Power Players

The Joseph Studios team is unlike any other marketing team. We have specialists for every service whether it’s content development, strategy, email marketing, SEO, social media. Whatever you need, you can expect the best work to be delivered to you as it is handled by a specialist in that area. In addition, the team isn’t afraid to jump in and help if needed. Regardless of a team member ranking or position, everyone is willing to help as needed. If you were to hire a big agency it is also very unlikely you would see the CEO of the company jump in to touch your account. 


Since every team member is ‘hands-on’ we have more creative thinkers on board. Marketing is all about building a strategy to help you stand out amongst your competitors and that requires some thinking out of the box and innovation. Everyone at Joseph Studios has great ideas but in the event that one draws a blank, there is always someone to jump in and bring great creative thoughts and ideas. In addition, our team works so well together that we are all comfortable sharing ideas with one another. In other agencies and marketing departments, that is not always the case. 

An Agency You Can Trust

When you choose to outsource your marketing efforts, it is extremely important that you can trust whoever it is that is handling your marketing efforts. We all know that the key to every relationship is trust and your relationship with the agency you work with is essential for your business’ success. Trusting the agency is mainly important because the whole purpose of outsourcing your marketing is to free up more of your time to focus on other parts of your business where your time is needed. Do you really want to feel like you have to “check-in” all the time? Trust is also very important for creativity. An agency is full of creative and innovative ideas that you may not be familiar with. You must have trust with the agency to allow them to implement these innovative ideas that will take your business to the next level. 

At Joseph Studios, we strive to earn your trust and we are 100% transparent with all our clients. We provide you with monthly reports of our work and keep you in the loop by touching base with you every so often. Of course, our clients are free to speak with us should they have any thoughts or concerns. Joseph Studios also gives you the option to be as hands-on or off as you wish. If you want to sit back and let us do all the work and send you reports as needed, we are happy to do that! Or, if you want to be hands-on and share your thoughts and ideas for us to implement, our clients are welcome to do that as well! 

In addition to the services and results we can provide; Joseph Studios really goes the extra mile to ensure all of our clients are happy and successful. Most marketing agencies will require you to sign a contract, so it is important you can work well with the agency as you will be working with them for at least a few months to a year. Another great benefit to working with Joseph Studios is that its fun! We work hard to implement and execute a successful marketing strategy, but we make sure it’s a great experience for everyone. 

To learn more about Joseph Studios and the services we offer, visit our website and stay tuned for our latest blog posts! 


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