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April 30, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

What Is An SEO Agency?

So, you have built a business for your website…now what? Building a website requires a lot of work (as you may know), but the work does not stop there. Once you have developed a website, you need to build a web presence. Having a website is useless if you don’t get any visitors to your site to read your content. This is where SEO comes in. To build a web presence, you need to develop a strategy that includes content creation, keyword analysis, mobile optimization, social media management, and backlinks. This strategy as a whole is known as search engine optimization (SEO.)

Not everyone has an SEO strategy, but for your business to be successful and visible to others on the internet, you must use SEO. Not having SEO is like a book being misplaced in a bookstore. If your book is misplaced, how will people find it amongst all the other books when they try to search for it? Websites are kind of the same thing. Your website will be impossible to find if you don’t optimize it for search.

SEO can be done in many ways, not just one. SEO strategies are created based upon your target audience which is how you will be able to develop your SEO approach. Now that you have a better understanding of SEO itself, you need to know the importance of an SEO Agency and what it does.


Why Should I Hire The Best SEO Agency In The World?

Think of all the websites you have ever visited…It is most likely a lot. Almost every business has (or should have) a website today. That being said, there is a lot of competition to get visibility. The purpose of SEO is to place higher on rankings for search engines like Google. Rankings refer to what page your site is on. For example, if you sell fitness products and a consumer searches “fitness products” you want to be sure your business comes up on the first page because this is what the consumer sees first and has a higher chance of visiting your site. An SEO agency has a team of professionals that understand the SEO techniques and will work to ensure your site gains visibility and establishes its place with search engines.

It’s difficult for anyone to do SEO on their own. You have to understand the type of content search engines respond to and create that content. Only professionals with an SEO agency understand the content inside and out. In addition, search engines are always changing, and unless you are up to date with the latest SEO news and trends, it’s easy to fall behind.

An SEO Agency will work with you and treat your website as if it’s their own. SEO companies will usually offer a free consultation to understand your goals and needs and will develop a tailored strategy for your business, so you can meet your goals. SEO agencies understand that its work is an effort to maximize your investment and help your business achieve its goals.

As important as SEO is for your business, it’s essential to understand you shouldn’t settle on an SEO agency. The right SEO agency will have experience in SEO (with results to back it up,) easy to reach and talk to, possess technical SEO knowledge and be up to date on the latest trends, and most importantly be creative. You do not want to work with SEO agencies that follow some sort of structure that everyone else does, simply because your site won’t stand out from everyone else. The more creative the agency is, the more likely your site is to stand out.



Best SEO Agency In The World

Why Work With the Best SEO Agency?

SEO is Complicated

If you have little to none experience with search engine optimization, it can be complicated and take a long time to see great results. SEO generally takes a while to begin with, so it is best to have a professional handling your SEO. Search engines use complex algorithms to deliver their search results (that are always changing), and it is essential to ensure every ranking factor is coded correctly on your website. SEO agencies work to identify, create and edit ranking factors so you can increase your ranking on search engines. Content creation is essential in SEO and SEO agencies also help to ensure your content helps Google to recognize your website as a reputable page. SEO agencies will utilize keywords and make sure Google recognizes these keywords as an important site for the information the keyword relates to.

To Increase Website Traffic

Now that you understand that an SEO agency works to increase your rankings on search engines, you must understand the importance of website traffic. The keywords used in your SEO strategy will not only help to increase your rankings on search engines, but it will increase the visitors that are visiting your website. Not only will your website traffic increase but an SEO agency will help improve the quality of these website visitors. The reason being is because these consumers are already searching for your product or service when they search that keyword.

Saves Money

Outsourcing your SEO will prevent you from having to hire an SEO team. Salaries can be costly, to begin with, but once you add on employee benefits, you have already significantly increased your SEO cost. This is not counting the tools you need for a successful SEO strategy. SEO tools can be a heavy investment that can put a serious dent in your business’ budget. A reputable SEO agency has all the tools you would need and the experts to complete the work. No training or tools are involved. When you outsource your SEO, you are guaranteed results. There is no reason to take a chance on a team (while forking out a large amount of money) when there are experts out there that will handle your SEO at an affordable price.

SEO Agencies Provide Reports

As mentioned, building a website isn’t the last step, and neither is your SEO efforts. Included in your SEO strategy should be some sort of measurement. SEO Agencies will provide you with measurements of how successful its SEO strategy is. Whoever is working with your SEO should provide you with a monthly report which includes your website conversion rate, website traffic increase (or decrease,) the time spent on your site, rankings and listings and much more.

SEO reports are not only necessary to show the work you have done, but it determines what is successful and what is not. A report with poor numbers isn’t necessarily bad but valuable to your business. A bad report can be good because you have the opportunity to see what did not work and try something else. An SEO agency has access to the tools needed to determine important information for the report and can make the report easy to read.

Not Just SEO

There are many things that go into your marketing strategy. Social media, blog development, social media, email marketing an SEO are all necessities for your marketing strategy. Although they are all separate, they should all be aligned. Your SEO should work with social media and blog development. The content you develop for social media and blogs should be related to your SEO efforts. Your social media posts should relate to the keywords you are using for your SEO strategy. You should also keep in mind of backlinks and utilize them whenever you can. An SEO agency will ensure that this content flows seamlessly together to build a strong online presence.

Allows for Creativity

When you have an SEO agency handling your SEO you are guaranteed this team is creative. There are many basic things you can incorporate into your SEO strategy, but it will be most successful when you think outside of the box. Think of it this way, if you and a handful of competitors are doing the same exact thing in your SEO strategy, no one is doing better than one another, you are all placing equally on search engine rankings, and it will be hard for consumers to pick from one another. When you have someone doing something completely different and unique from others, you are more likely to stand out from the crowd. An SEO professional will make sure your SEO efforts stand out from everyone else. After all, SEO is all about making your site visible to others. SEO Agencies bring a diversified set of skills. This means that your strategy will be planned an executed by people with different perspectives and approaches. Some people may think outsourcing SEO to an SEO agency is a bad thing because they aren’t experts in the industry, but most times this is a good thing. These experts will bring knowledge that an internal team may not otherwise know.

SEO Requires Time

Your SEO strategy should not be thrown together and executed as fast as possible. You should first begin with research to determine the best way to develop your strategy. In your research should be your target audience, what your competitors are doing and determining the best strategy for your business. Once you research, there are many things that need to be done including content development and management, including keywords in your content, creating backlinks and posting them and much more. SEO is a job within its self and its best for a professional to handle your SEO, so a business can focus other important jobs for your business.

Best SEO Agency In The World

Joseph Studios – Best SEO Agency In The World 

Joseph Studios is an Organic Marketing Agency. The organic marketing approach helps to develop long term results that are effective. To read more about organic marketing and how its effective, visit our blog page. In its organic marketing strategy are SEO and organic backlinks. Joseph studios’ SEO team is dedicated to delivering great results to clients. The SEO team has experience in all kinds of SEO approaches and have worked with a wide variety of businesses. In addition, this SEO team is different than most because every team member is US-based, meaning no bots or machines are used. This is extremely important in SEO because a real person is doing your SEO work. As humans, we understand what others are searching whereas machines don’t. The work Joseph Studios produces is more effective than those who use bots or machines.

Joseph Studios offers backlink services that can draw targeted traffic from other websites. A backlink expert will go onto another website that relates to your business and provides a link to your website. This is effective because a lot of your target audience will already be on that page which will ultimately increase your revenue. In addition to backlinks, Joseph studios conduct all the necessary research and planning for your content strategy which will align your website pages and content to target keywords.

Once the research and planning are complete, the SEO strategy will be implemented to build out an internet footprint that will push Google to push your brand into good search placement. Continuous site audits will be done to ensure there are no page errors, bugs, broken links or anything else that could negatively affect SEO.

In conclusion, SEO is essential for every business. After understanding the benefits of an SEO agency, it is best you consider working with an agency for your SEO efforts. Once you see the results produced from the report you are provided from the SEO agency you will be happy you invested in something that will be so beneficial to your business in the long run.


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