Can Email Marketing Impact Organic Rankings?

May 08, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

When people think of SEO, most of them associate it with things like site links and keywords. Have you ever thought about how email marketing can impact your organic rankings?

Email marketing is a highly effective and affordable organic marketing strategy that is used by many businesses today. Email marketing works to convert prospects into customers and decrease your one-time buyer rate to turn them into loyal, long-term customers. With 91% of consumers checking their email on a daily basis, there is no doubt your message is able to be seen (considering your content is high quality.)

Email marketing allows businesses to communicate with their customers while boosting their revenue. For email marketing to be effective, you must have high-quality content that is of interest to your audience. If your audience receiving your emails is not interested in your emails, your messages can go straight to spam which not only defeats the purpose of your email marketing strategy but can harm your organic rankings on search engines– we will get to this further into this article. So, what does email marketing have to do with SEO?

How Can Email Marketing Impact Organic Rankings?

Boost Social Media Shares

Not only should your email content be high-quality content that is informative, interesting, and appealing, but it should include links to your social media pages. While email marketing is cost-effective – it isn’t free, which is why you should make the most out of this strategy! Links to your social media pages give your audience the chance to learn more about your business and get to know your business on a more personal level. If your content is favored by consumers, they are able to promote your content across their social channels which gives you the chance to increase your audience.  A study by Cognitive SEO has shown a direct connection between the top five ranked pages were also the top five shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

The Opportunity to Hook by Content

Another reason why email marketing content should be high quality is that it’s a great chance to get readers to engage with other pieces of content. In your email marketing campaign, you can promote your social channels by asking readers to follow you on twitter or subscribe to your Youtube channel. You can also provide links to your website which will increase your website traffic. These efforts will help boost your organic following and lead to a cross-promotion of content.

Decreases Bounce Rates

When a visitor comes to your site and leaves immediately, this is known as a bounce. Your bounce rate is a factor in your overall search rankings. Search engines do not highly value sites that visitors leave instantly because this tells them that the site is not of value. You could have the best SEO writing, but when your site has a high bounce rate, your ranking will begin to decrease.

To improve your bounce rate, you need to create high-quality content. When you link this high-quality content to your content in email newsletters, you can control the quality of your website visitors. A website visitor that has come to your site from email links are more likely to be engaged and interested in your content because they are interested in your consistent email marketing newsletters. More engaged visitors will improve your bounce rate which will ultimately increase your organic rankings.

The Demographics Create Better Content

Demographic information from your email list enables you to deliver content to those who will find it valuable. In your emails, you can create surveys that will provide you with information that your audience finds valuable. By gathering this information, you will be able to create content for your website that is relevant and of high quality. Relevance and high-quality content are very important factors in SEO. By creating relevant content, your content will provide search engines with more keywords that rank for relevancy. If a survey is not of interest to you, email marketing allows you to gain enough information about your audience so that you can create content that appeals to gender, location, age, etc.

The Negative Impact Of Email Marketing

Now that we have noted the ways email marketing can positively impact your organic ranking, you must know there are ways email marketing can negatively impact your organic ranking.

In August 2015, Google was awarded a patent that would allow them to have insight into email metrics. This patent was created so that Google, the most used search engine, has access to all emails marked as spam. When search engines identify vendors, who have emails marked as spam by users, its trust rating decreases which also decreases the vendor’s search engine ranking. If you use email marketing in your marketing strategy, it is important to keep track of the email response rates to ensure your emails aren’t being marked as spam. To prevent this from happening, it is important to keep your emails high quality, interesting, and eye-catching to users. The best way to ensure your messages are effective is to work with an email marketing professional.

Joseph Studios’ Email Marketing Services

When you work with Joseph Studios, we encourage our clients to sit back as we professionally manage your email marketing, so it consistently pulls in new leads. Joseph Studio’s team of email marketing experts creates content that communicates deals, special pricing, and success stories effectively and quickly. Our clients can trust that we do thorough research for your audience’s demographics and utilize that research to create high-quality content that will improve your organic rankings on search engines.

Speaking of search engines, Joseph Studios has produced excellent results for its SEO clients. Joseph Studios’ SEO experts put a tremendous amount of work into clients’ SEO efforts so that it will increase website traffic, search engine rankings and ultimately drive sales. Joseph Studios’ SEO team is dedicated to ensuring its clients organically rank high on search engines to increase their online visibility.

Are you interested to see how email marketing can impact your business’ organic rankings? Are you ready to create content that will decrease your one-time buyer rate and improve relationships with customers? Contact Joseph Studios to learn more about email marketing services.


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