July 07, 2018
by Daniel Klein


What happened?

Did something break in the process or did you change your mind?

Would you please let us know so you and others can be better served?

We’re here for ya!


Solutions Based

We don’t do “band-aid” fixes, just holistic solutions enabling strategic growth. Sure, we’ll help with a bug or small question, but if we see a “red flag” that something much larger is broken, we’ll ask you to consider fixing the problem, not the symptom.

Anecdote: You go to your doctor and say, “Doc I have a cough, fix it!” The doctor replies, “Cough? Yeah, that makes sense you have lung cancer.”

There are firms out there, just like there are doctors out there, who will fix the symptom (cough syrup). But if you wouldn’t go to a doctor like this why would you hire a firm who is essentially doing the same thing?

Our culture mandates a solutions based approach, and we’ll never steer you down a path towards a “quick fix” if what is actually needed is something else.




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