How to Build a Professional Website: Part 4 – Choosing a Domain Name

November 25, 2017
by Daniel Klein

In recent years a lot of new top-level domain names have become available. By most definitions, in the past “top-level” domain names meant those ending in .com, .org, and .net. Today, however, many top-level domain names have dramatically expanded beyond the simple and old…  Now they include things like; .fitness, .Blog, .church,, and .band! How cool is that?

Why Does Your Domain Name Matter?

The point here is pretty straightforward, your options for which top-level domain you choose for your website are much more substantial than they were before, and as more of the populace gets used to the idea of visiting a .church domain rather than .org, they’re going to equally be more inclined to visit your cool new site!

In the past, conventional wisdom said to stick with .com because otherwise, no one was going to go visit your site. Now things are changing and it’s a very good time to swoop in and snag a fantastic name! With the emergence of alternative top-level domains, coupled with the lack of availability of quality domain names using the old .com or .org domains, it’s becoming more of an opportunity to stand out from the crowd with a memorable website name without having to pay $15,000 to purchase it from someone else.

Domain Name Considerations

Before you jump into choosing a name, it’s important to consider the factors that may affect the functionality of your website. Aside from serving as a central aspect of your brand identity, your web domain also needs to be indexable and user-friendly.

Avoid Numbers, Hyphens, and Special Characters 

Generally speaking, mixing letters and numbers is more confusing than anything else. Trying to explain to someone that it’s “Q” then the number “2” -not “two” is distracting and it takes away from their ability to visit your site.

Avoid Complicated or Overly Silly Names

Your domain shouldn’t be long or painful to try and remember. The point is to have a website name people remember, while easily and simply explaining what you do. If your name contains too many letters or clever puns, typing it in or remembering it becomes a chore.

A great way to avoid this issue but still express all that you want to say is by taking advantage of the new top-level domain name opportunities. For example: if you have your first and last name at a “.realtor” domain it’s a great way to explain what it is you do without fluff. Folks go to knowing exactly what they’re getting themselves into! It’s a solid domain name because it’s simple and sends a clear message.

If you’d like to check out a list of all the available top-level domain names here’s a page where you can take a look at those names. **FYI: we can get you any of these names you want** These more custom website names usually run about $15 more than using a simple .com, but if you get something very simple and eye-catching it will be a solid investment.

Making the Right Decision

First, top-level domain names are equivalent to .com, .net, .org… etc. These days there are dozens upon dozens of options available to you outside of .com and .org. We highly recommend you explore these as an option. Especially since the populace is getting more accustomed to visiting websites other than .com.

We also think it’s worthwhile to take a look at these things because offers you an opportunity to simply, clearly, and beautifully explain who you are and what you do. We recommend that you stay away from hokey,  long, or complex website names.

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