Real Estate Website, 3 Critical Things Needed For A Successful Real Estate Website

3 Critical Things Needed For A Successful Real Estate Website

Know these three industry trends within the real estate space if you want to keep client leads coming through the door. Even if you’re with any of the big national firms -their marketing dollars won’t help you here! Note: These trends WILL affect you, you’ll be asking yourself different questions as a result of reading this article, and knowing these trends will change some of the decisions you make as a real estate professional over the next 12 to 18 months. So without further adieu, here are the 3 critical things needed for a real estate website.

Disclaimer: We’re skipping over the obvious items like your IDX integration and lead capture devices.

  1. Purpose: Your site needs to be purposeful and designed with meaning behind every feature, graphic, page, and tool. Please don’t let yourself be sold on a multi-thousand dollar website by someone who wants the starting point to be what type of graphics you like. Your site needs to be designed with user flow in mind. Meaning when a visitor shows up, the page they arrive to is meant to receive them, and in no more than 2 clicks they are shown the exact content they came for. Why do we say this? Because so many real estate sites have unnecessary fluff and their flow is disorientating. Don’t let your client leads disappear as a result of your poorly designed site.
    • Here is how you can tell if you have a problem. Write down two or three scenarios your visitors may find themselves in while on your site. Then play out the scenario for yourself. If you need to click more than twice for your scenario to play out fully, you very likely have a confusing site and are losing leads.
    • For example, a user may want to know how much their home is worth. If they can’t find out within two mouse clicks, they’ll likely go somewhere else. -Human attention is now the most valuable commodity in the developed world… just ask YouTube. How desperate are you to click away from a 3-second ad?…
  2. Entertainment: Your site needs to be fun and entertaining, not just a tool for business. The point of your site should be to help your visitors build brand preference for you over your competition. Visitors who are entertained by the content on your site will stay longer, be more engaged, and when the time comes for them to buy or sell their property, they’ll look to you over others, having remembered all the fun times they spent on your site. They might not even search for others but come directly to you for help.
  3. Domain Authority: Your site must rank highly with the search engines! This means you’re publishing relevant and engaging content often, you’re attracting lots of site visitors, and these visitors stay for a long time on your page. It also means your site is built with search engines in mind. For example, Google will want your site to be indexable, your URLs need to reflect your focus keyword, and your focus keywords need to be present in your content. -If you’re not sure what this means we can help.

So, to recap! Your online presence needs to be purposeful, entertaining, and present your content in a way that allows the search engines to recognize it as quality. This all presents some unique challenges that could very likely draw you away from your core business (assisting clients). To help here, please ensure you choose a knowledgeable digital design business partner who is vested in your long-term success, rather than someone who is just interested in upselling you or their own short-term goals. Partnerships are intended to be strategic and Jos. Studios is certainly one such firm to provide that partnership.

We hope you enjoyed this list of the the 3 critical things needed for a real estate website. Please be sure to check back often as we post more tips and tricks.

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