Cyber Monday Make More Money in One Weekend That You Have All Year

October 19, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

Back in 2005, the first Monday right after Thanksgiving generated a whopping amount of $6 million spent by over 65 million customers. The National Retail Foundation (NRF) referred to the Monday in crosshairs as “Cyber Monday.”

Digital businesses and vendors all over the world prepare for this day throughout the year. The ideal marketing campaign for Cyber Monday this year should have been initiated around July – followed by a detailed planning phase.

It’s that time of the year when businesses can make more money in one weekend than they have all year. So you can imagine the importance of Cyber Monday, especially for digital business owners. But how exactly can you ensure your profits for this day? How can you opt for a campaign that will ensure that you’re going to make more money in one weekend than you have all year?

Here are a bunch of detailed tips that should come in handy in this regard:

Preparing for Cyber Monday in 2019

With the convenience of online shopping, it turns out that Cyber Monday is the day when people love to stay in their homes to just shop around.

First Step – Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Compatible

Most people on Cyber Monday use the medium of digital media to go about their transactions. If your website or digital platform is not compatible with their devices, you’re going to run out on a whole lot of business. Since everyone these days prefers to use the ease of smartphones, you have to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly.

Make sure the layout runs smooth and the users are able to access all the popping widgets and gadgets. Making your website cross-platform compatible and maintaining it is the first step towards making a great Cyber Monday sale!

Create a Once in a Time Deal

The psychology behind creating a one-time deal is to generate a small amount of profit on each sale. When that one-time deal is highly exclusive and unique to the customers – there’s going to be a rush of sells on your product. 

This is an ideal, efficient, easy, and cost-effective methods to hype your Cyber Monday sales. One day deals are no-brainers. They have the potential to generate epic excitement among customers. For maximum advantages, you should be making use of your post-thanksgiving attitude. Coupled with a great Cyber Monday campaign, you can make your whole pitch and be word of mouth worthy!

Create a Brand New Exclusive Digital Product

During the times of exclusive sale days like Cyber Monday, your customers have a sense of urgency. Every consumer knows that businesses are going to host some of the top deals and people are going to grab them the first chance they get.

Digital businesses can make complete use of this opportunity by making a completely exclusive and high-quality product. You can launch the product into the market just at the brink of a Cyber Monday and wait till it hits.

Remember the time when Fidget Spinners came into the market? That’s exactly what we’re referring you towards!

Think About Launching Hourly Deals

Did it ever cross your mind to maybe launch an hour based deal? Think about it, the deal idea is not only exclusive but also a way to generate high ROI and SERPs. Suppose a specific spicy deal is available only in one hour after its successful marketing on social media and various channels – it’ll flow in a fortune. 

If a certain deal is available only within an hour and will never be available again, it’s a direct way to cross customer’s psychology. If done right, you could be able to attract hundreds and thousands of sales this way and this will certainly contribute to making more money in one weekend than you have all year!

Free Gifts on Each Purchase

Which brand offers free gifts on each purchase? That’s right, no one. And that’s exactly why you should do it. This will attract a whole new level of customer attention because of the uniqueness of this offer. 

For example, you can give away free pencils and erasers on purchases of children’s clothing and accessories. If your brand sells women’s fashion you can think about giving away small earrings and necklaces as gifts on each purchase. Moreover, if you’re selling beauty products you can giveaway small brushes and blenders or if you’re selling home décor, consider gifting a free vase along.

The aim is to build an exclusiveness in your style of marketing so people get inclined towards buying from you – eventually leading you to make a large number of sales in one day.

Spend on Instagram and Facebook Ads 

A month before the Thanksgiving weekend, build a strong paid marketing campaign – based on Facebook and Instagram Ads. This will allow you to flaunt your products and exclusivity of your brand. You can reach out to your customers and talk about your offers, discounts, promos, and packages for the Cyber Monday.

This will bring your brand familiarity and in return help you gather more customers for the big day. Moreover, a remarketing campaign close to the big Monday will add fuel to the fire – because that’s when customers are really hunting for real deals. 

Therefore, spending on Instagram and Facebook ads for your brand’s publicity can be a great idea if you’re looking forward to projecting your revenue streams sky high for Cyber Mondays. 

Send E-Mails With Coupon Codes

Adding more to the exclusivity, one or two months before the big day you can choose to send out e-mails to your previous customers. The e-mail could contain information for your Cyber Monday plans in addition to a coupon code they could use to avail special discounts.

Besides this, you can always get personal with your customers and address them by their names. This will build a sense of trust and familiarity in mind of your previous customers. 

As a result, you’ll be increasing your chances of scoring more clients (more revenue streams) for the Monday following Thanksgiving!


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