3 Digital Marketing Services For Your 2019 Marketing Plan

April 16, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

Digital Marketing has become a vital part of a business. Digital marketing is now the heart of marketing, considering the fact that 97% of adults under the age of 65 reports that they are active on social media at least once a month. The printing industry has become almost irrelevant when it comes to marketing. It used to be magazines, newspapers, billboards were all how you communicated to consumers. In 2019, the internet has become the heart and soul for marketing. There are so many advantages of using the internet for marketing. One of the biggest advantages is the digital marketing industry is always changing. With this change comes new and innovative digital marketing services. The industry is always introducing new strategies for your marketing plan. Here are 3 Digital marketing Services to implement in your marketing plan this year.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is not a new digital marketing service. How we can use email marketing to our advantage has changed and this is not a service you want to miss out on. This new trend in email marketing allows you to target the consumer down to each individual person. This is huge for businesses and consumers. Consumers have caught on to email marketing and that it is a mass email that businesses send out to increase sales. By personalizing your email marketing messages, each and every customer will feel appreciated. Personalization allows you to add a customer’s name to the email. Personalization also allows you to send out email marketing campaigns that are specific to demographics. For example, you can now narrow down your email list to females and males. If you have a message that needs to be directed at women you can now only send it to women. Why is this important? If an email’s content is not valuable to a customer, they can simply unsubscribe. The goal of digital marketing is to maximize your audience. When people unsubscribe from your email list, you are losing potential customers.

The digital marketing industry has seen outstanding results from personalization. The open rate of personalized emails has increased to 82%. Open rates are extremely important in email marketing. If a person doesn’t open an email the message is useless. Because of the increase in open rate, sales have increased, website traffic has increased, the subscription rate has decreased by nearly 50% and customers have reported a much higher customer satisfaction rate. Joseph studios have a team of email marketing experts that can help you implement this digital marketing service you won’t want to look past.

Voice Search

If you are up to date on the latest marketing trends, you know how important SEO is. SEO is what makes your business and webpage visible to online users. When it comes to the internet, every person’s goal is to increase website traffic. An increase in website traffic increases sales. Without SEO, your webpage becomes difficult to find among all of the websites on the internet today.

Have you ever considered how people are searching on search engines? By 2020, 50% of searches will be conducted through voice search. With Alexa, Siri and all technology that offers voice command, people now skip over putting in the effort of typing a search and just speak into their voice command. So what does that mean for the digital marketing industry? We have to optimize our websites for voice search. It is now important to have natural language on our website. For example, instead of typing in “electrician in Atlanta Georgia,” the search will now be “Hey Alexa, I need an electrician.” It is important to make your content as accurate as possible, so it will be recognized by voice search. Joseph Studios has produced some of the greatest results when it comes to SEO. Talk to one of our SEO specialists today about the ever-changing digital marketing service of SEO.

Social Media

If you have a digital marketing strategy, hopefully, you are present and consistently posting on social media. Social Media is a digital marketing service that is necessary for every business. Once customers find you online, they want to know your social media presence. For your 2019 marketing plan, you should reevaluate your social media strategies. 41% of Facebook users are over the age of 65 and the majority of the other percentage is adults over the age of 40. If your business targets an older age demographic, Facebook is where you need to be to target your target audience. Instagram, on the other hand, has been taken over by users under the age of 30. If your target audience is the younger demographic, you should be targeting your audience through Instagram.

Social media is still one of the most important digital marketing services, it is where everyone is to receive information and stay up to date on the latest trends. However, it is important to tailor your message for your target audience. Your target audience is more important now than ever. It is important to identify your target audience and determine the best way to deliver your message. If you are trying to reach the young adults and only posting on Facebook, chances are you are barely reaching your audience. Social media is a great digital marketing service but only if you are using it correctly.

Digital Marketing is so important to businesses in today’s world. As the world has transitioned from print and televised media to the internet, it is important to ensure you have the best presence on the internet. SEO, social media and email marketing are all tools that have produced incredible results for businesses. For more information on digital marketing services and how you can implement them into your marketing strategy, talk to an expert today.


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