Writing your manuscript was probably a long, arduous, time-consuming, and sometimes frustrating task.

This isn’t the end of the road though! You’ll still have to go through editing, layout, copyright, publication, and marketing.

There are many options available to you for these services.

That said, we’re the best. Our editing division has the skills and experience to successfully guide you through this process effortlessly.


 Join us, and be the hero of your story.


Here are the editing services we provide and the rates.

Please don't feel obligated to choose a service now. Although it does help us get you to the right team member(s). Simply by providing your contact information we can begin the conversation.
A critique of your manuscript that is 1–2 pages in length. An assessment of the marketability of your manuscript to include recommended channels and focuses of approach. Suggestions for revisions of the major issues. An analysis of plot, dialogue, characterization, structure, consistency, and organization.
Your manuscript will be marked with citations and comments. With focus on: overused words, run-on sentences, redundancies, tightened dialogue and paragraphs, confusing scenes fixed, tonal shifts and unnatural phrasing. Note: this service does not include grammar and spelling errors.
Reviewed line by line for technical errors. This service will focus on grammar errors, spelling errors, and typos. All changes will be tracked with comments. A short summary of the work will be provided at the end with commentary on any major concerns.
Manuscript critique / beta reading, with line editing, and copyediting (Final). *Includes 90 minute phone consultation.
This can be for sales copy, marketing and promotions, blurbs, press releases, blog posts, and website material.
Digital, Print, and Audio.

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