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May 15, 2019
by Daniel Klein



The Importance of Working with The Best Email Marketing Service


  • Gone are the days of direct mail that were pricey and not a totally effective marketing strategy. Today there is a new marketing strategy that is affordable and highly effective. This marketing strategy is similar to direct mail because its used to build relationships with potential customers, keep current customers informed and updated on your brand, offer coupons to encourage customer loyalty and more!

  • Direct mail was less effective because it was difficult to reach your target audience. With email marketing you have the ability to target your audience down to the single person. With programs out there like Constant Contact and Mail Chimp you can know all the demographics of your audience before you create the message you are going to send out. Knowing the person’s location, age, gender, etc., can help you to create a more effective message that relates more to the person. You can now even personalize the message, adding each customer’s name which will increase the chances of your message being seen rather than dumped in the trash.

    With over 90% of internet users being active with email, there is no doubt that email marketing is a great way to deliver messages to an audience. Email marketing is also one of the best marketing strategies to build trust with customers and turn one-time customers into loyal, long-term customers. Although social media is another essential marketing strategy to develop brand awareness, email marketing might be slightly more effective because some people might not have social media but others for sure have email and use email as their preferred method of contact.

  • In addition to the effectiveness and affordability, email marketing is very easy to track your return on investment. Email programs like constant contact and mail chimp allow you to see who is opening your emails, who is clicking onto your site through emails and much more information that will help you to improve your marketing strategies. Before jumping into Email Marketing, its important to know for this strategy to be as highly effective as it can be, all work should be handled by an expert.



How to Get Started with the Best Email Marketing Services?


Now that you understand a little bit more about email marketing you might be wondering how to get started. As mentioned, email marketing can be highly effective that is if it is done correctly. These emails require well written, high quality content, research and measurement of its success. That is why most people look for marketing agencies that offer email marketing services. Working with a marketing agency to handle your email marketing efforts takes a lot of time off of your business’ hands and ensures these emails are done correctly to be highly effective.

Joseph Studios is a full-service marketing agency that has a team of email marketing experts who are dedicated to providing its clients with results. When you work with Joseph Studios you can expect your own Marketing Strategist who can meet with you bi-weekly to develop a strategy for your marketing campaign. You will also be working with an email marketing technical expert who will not only develop content but will manage your email list, segment your list by user groups and be responsible for developing and testing. In addition, A marketing project manager will oversee all work to ensure the timely delivery of your email campaigns.



What’s the Value?


  • When you work with the best email marketing service available, you can expect your business to be communicating deals, special pricing and success stories effectively and quickly. The best part is you get to sit back as Joseph studios will professionally manage your email marketing program, so it consistently pulls in new leads. By working with the best email marketing agency, you can also expect to improve reoccurring and repeat business by maintaining your business relationships in mass.
    Email marketing can bring in $38 for every $1 spent on the campaign. This strategy can be effective on its own, but it works best, like every other strategy, when all your marketing efforts are combined. Using email marketing in combination with your social media, SEO and blog strategies can have a tremendous impact on your business.

  • Email marketing is a great way to get customers to know more about your business. By linking in links to your website and social media pages, they will understand the story behind your business and the products and services that are offered, making it more likely they will become long-term, valuable customers. Before you provide links to your website and social media pages through emails, it is very important to make sure the pages are ready for visitors to see. Imagine if you linked your Facebook page into this email that you are sending hundreds of people. More than likely, people will click to your Facebook to learn more and how would it look to customers to see your last post was made in 2016? This will tell them that you’re not active on social media and there’s not much information for them to stay up to date on. By working with the best email marketing agency, they will provide other services to you like social media to ensure you are prepared for the visitors to your website and social media pages.

  • Email marketing is something that should not be handled by just anyone. By sending strategic emails to the right person at the right time, is something that should be handled by an expert. When you work with the best email marketing service, you can rest assured knowing that these emails are high-quality and will bring in results. Can you imagine sending the wrong email to hundreds of people? That would be considered a PR nightmare which is why experts are best in handling all email marketing efforts. To learn more about email marketing or to work with the best email marketing service to drive results for your business, contact an expert at Joseph Studios.



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