Expert Tips for E-commerce Stores: Don’t Cheapen your Brand

October 25, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

Structuring and managing an e-commerce store can be a cumbersome task to accomplish. Its operations are a never-ending hustle, not only connected with hard work but a lot of other factors as well. Marketing strategies, website performance, visual customization, simplicity, etc. all play a significant purpose in developing the finest experience to gain customer’s loyalty towards the brand. 

There is no scale or stepwise approach to build a brand. It depends upon the creative skills and natural instincts of the marketers. Nevertheless, a few tips and techniques can be followed to enhance your e-business.


Focus on creating rather than thinking


Creation is the most important part of anything. Don’t hesitate to create. Fear of failure always drives people away but the one who trespasses this step, makes it happen. Learning from failure is what actually that grows you. Develop an understanding of what went wrong, what can be improved and then finally, focus on innovative and creative ways to redo.  


Think like your Consumers


 Consumers always want to see the things of their interest in e-commerce websites. It is pointless to show endless lists of products and services that hold no value to them. A prime approach, in this case, would be the use of cookies. Track your consumer’s interests and hobbies through searches and social media links to maintain engagement and to preserve their constant connection.   


Keep the User Interface interactive


It is beneficial to always focus on the psychological expertise that is to be applied to keep the Human-Computer interaction as simple as possible. You should always keep in mind that it is always about the experience and not about the product.  This can result in larger audience traffic. A well-designed interface, appropriate button size, functionality, and exhibition of activities define the company, converting the potential surfers to purchasers.


Rewarding Loyal customers


Developing a system that appreciates loyal customers can become key for long term connections. A loyal customer should be given promos and discounts on their consecutive purchases to maintain a healthy relationship. 

Be active on all Social Media and Social Curation Platforms


Market your products by creating a page on all the well-known social media and curation sites. Link your original platform with these pages and fulfill requests in the best way possible. Also, provide customer support and help by overdoing, taking a genuine interest and stepping up.


Keep an eye on the trend market


To boost up your e-commerce business, monitor the latest trends of the market. It is effective for you to stay updated to dominate the e-commerce space. For instance, most people nowadays are using smartphone apps and websites to make purchases online. Rather than the traditional retail sales, people prefer discounts from an online store. Consider offering discounts on events and celebrations, instead of only running into the race of increasing your revenue.


Make customer facilitation a priority


Make your customers your first priority and treat them well. Providing outstanding customer care will boost up your sales. If you treat your customers well, they’ll recommend your business to others and they’ll surely come back to your store. A satisfied client is key to your promotion and advancement. Understand your consumers and facilitate them to achieve their tasks. This will ultimately result in the completion of your objective.

Never respond to your clients in a pessimistic fashion. The buying experience of clients depends upon how you treat them. Make sure you satisfy your clients because people nowadays are much more eager to respond with a negative comment rather than positive ones. Be nice to your clients and you will get the best outcome. Timely delivery of product or service, responsiveness, helpful environment, and politeness are the essentials in this respect. Additionally, inquire in a formal or conversational manner rather than a harsh tone.


Drive  consumers through engaging ads


Social platforms give you a chance to demonstrate and advertise your brand. Ads on social media allow you to reach users according to the demographic standards. Your ads should hit the right audience at the right time. The advantages of social media marketing or ad campaigns are relatively low in price as compared to conventional ways. Drive clients through pleasing and engaging ads.


Keep constant interaction through emails


Only a small number of audiences will help you gain some profit at the start but you need to put in some extra effort to expand your client list. A cheap and official way to interact with your clients is by E-mail. Send in occasional E-mails to your clients to keep constant links because there might be a reason for your clients to not respond at all. Some of the reasons might be, they don’t need that product, for now, they don’t trust your brand, your product is not according to their taste or your product is just not for the current season. But regular emails will help them ponder upon your website.

Sending mail for every single action shows your initial intention towards your client. Post receipts, verification codes, login alerts, card abandonment messages, etc. This will call attention to each activity of the user catalyzing the overall image of the brand.  


Market your brand through influencers


Market your brand by working with Influencers. These Influencer campaigns will help you get a highly curated audience. Influencers (bloggers, vloggers, social media activists, entrepreneurs, etc.) will place your product and generate traffic to your website by their followers/subscribers. 

For instance, your online business store may send a portion of this season’s hottest items to a fashion blogger to review or endorse. This could be a great idea to collaborate with the Bloggers, V-loggers because the audience trusts them, and the marketing will be directly done by the trusted influencers by proper product placement. Engage these influencers in a campaign where they’ll promote your e-commerce store. Based on marketing research, it is found that working with influencers gets the attention of more customers rather than spending on ads.  


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