Facebook Shop: Increase Your Sales Drastically with these Tips

October 08, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

F-commerce, Facebook Shop, and Facebook Store are a few terms that have become widely known in the last couple of months. If you’re a digital business owner and you aren’t using a Facebook shop to promote your business – you’re losing out on a ton of marketing action.

With 2.45 billion active users, Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world. Setting up a Facebook Shop is not only super convenient but it’s also an easy, free, and effective way to market your brand. 

You may as well imagine how setting up all your best products on Facebook can benefit you organically, let alone the thriving benefits of paid Facebook ads.  

The best part about setting up a Facebook Shop is that it’s free. You don’t need to hire a smart team of developers or go through an extensive web development process. Just visit Facebook for the Business module and you’re ready to set up a full-blown, exclusive store for your own brand. 

Whether you’ve noticed it or not, F-commerce has revolutionized E-commerce with the help of Facebook’s incredible outreach to potential customers. 

If you’re an online business owner, read along! 

Here’s a list of top-of-the-line tips for you to help you increase your sales drastically through a Facebook Shop.


Create a Facebook Shop that Appeals to the Audience!


The best part about setting up a Facebook Shop is that you can do it without having any technical knowledge. If you’re already selling through another medium like Amazon or eBay, all you have to do is take a side initiative.

When you’re setting up your store, make sure you’re correctly filling in all the details. Remember, when you’re setting up for selling your services or products, you have to take into consideration your target audience’s needs. See what they’re looking for and remember to insert those keywords and tags into your store’s description. 

Secondly, use correct titles, appealing images, and introduce punchy taglines that will help you gain individuality and recognition. Furthermore, add some of your best products to your shop and make sure to introduce appealing and catch product descriptions, images, and features.


Promote your Shop through Facebook Ads


This is one of the most significant applications for setting up a business on Facebook. Unlike other social media platforms, Facebook has a classic marketing atmosphere. Brands on Facebook are not only able to promote their business through paid ads but it also provides an effective organic marketing scheme. The cherry on top, when you’re utilizing the channel synergy of paid and organic marketing – you get chart-topping results!

So get out there, set out an ads campaign on your top products, set punchy, popping taglines and complimenting images and you’re good to go. If you use ads promotion on the products that are already doing well organically, it’ll help you increase your traffic exponentially!


Offer Promos and Discounts


When you start to understand the psychology of your target audience, you’ll realize that they’re after something new. If a new product has been introduced in the market, it’s best if you make absolute use out of the window of opportunity. Built creative promos and discount offers for your customers and allows the ads campaign to flow.

This will not only help you reach more audiences but also help you score better distribution channels and hopefully, long-term customers. Utilizing the application of promo codes and discounts creatively is a proven way to get your customers to recommend your products by over 40%.  


Set up a Separate Blog to Complement your Products (Better Organic Marketing)


If you know about the channel synergy of multiple mediums, you’ll know that search engines are more likely to recommend your products if they’re coming from multiple sources. Therefore, to score better marketing in the organic terms, start a blog for your store.

The blog may contain articles/posts about your products with detailed reviews. When you’re attaching external links to your blog in the description of your product on Facebook Shop – you’re providing a customer a reliable way to authenticate your product. Most people like to buy from vendors who they can trust and the best way for a customer to authenticate a brand is by finding its reliability on multiple media.

Hence, setting up separate blog posts for each of your product on Facebook Shop will help you to:

  • Score better Search Engine Optimization by making use of multiple sources.
  • Increased organic traffic – Facebook is more likely to recommend your products to your potential audience.
  • Build a trust relationship with your potential customers and hopefully convert them into long-term loyal customers.


Use Email Subscription Feature


Making your customers subscribe to your weekly or monthly newsletters is also an epic way to drive more organic audience to your store. 

Facebook Shop provides a hassle-free way for you to turn your fans into email subscribers. The thing that has vital importance here is to make sure you’re engaging the right audience with the right content.

Google has a patent that allows it to observe the spam-marked emails which could eventually cause discomfort to your shop if you’re not careful with the content. Hence, all you have to do is create a dedicated page that can engage the audience and in return, provide your audience with regular reminders and news related to your Facebook Shop.


Engaging Facebook Groups – Manual Bonus Hack


So you’ve tried everything but you’re not able to drive the desired audience to your store? Well, it may be time to make some effort manually and promote your store and products by targeting Facebook groups.

Facebook has a large community where people deal with all kinds of stuff through private/public groups. For example, if you own a shop for Music Instruments that delivers locally, all you have to do is to search for Music Accessories buy/sell groups. You’d be able to market your products there freely with no restriction whatsoever. 

Consequently, resulting in recognition of your brand locally and who knows, maybe this manual technique will soon be putting you on a pathway of lasting success!

Lastly, go out there and experiment. There are a bunch of factors in play when you’re looking into effective marketing. Experiment, experiment, and experiment some more, until you gain the results you’re looking for!


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