Joseph Studios Fractal CMO Subscription

January 14, 2020
by Deanitra Kuminka


Do you find that leads and sales growth are constantly on your mind? You are not alone! Many small businesses and mid-size corporations find that generating leads is a constant battle. Additionally, there are numerous additional tasks that are at hand. So, what are you to do? The resolution is simple: enhance your marketing by hiring a fractal CMO.

What is a Fractal CMO?

A fractal CMO is a marketing executive that assists with customer acquisition, sales development, and company growth. Hiring another executive can be out of many budgets which is why a fractal CMO is so beneficial. You receive executive experience without the full-time cost. The concept of mid-size companies hiring a fractal CMO is not new. In fact, many organizations do so because hiring a full-time marketing executive made no sense when it came to considering finances and the amount of work and scope of work that needed attention.

What to Expect with a Fractal CMO Subscription?

As a fractal CMO, Joseph Studios will come in with the sleeves rolled up, ready to jump right in and handle all of your marketing needs. As a fractal CMO, lots of research and analysis is done to determine the best strategy for your company that is created based upon data.

Once the initial research and analysis are complete, our fractal CMO will implement the growth strategy. Fractal CMO’s are not similar to consultants. As a fractal CMO, we come in and continuously get things done to generate leads and sales. Consultants, on the other hand, come in and resolve an issue quickly, to see tangible results. With a fractal CMO, it might take more time to see results but with time, you will have long-term, sustainable business. Here are some of the engagements you can expect to see from our Fractal CMO Subscription:

  1. Target Markets and Buyers: analyzing and understanding the best market opportunities out there and getting a deep understanding of your buyers and the buying process.
  2. Sales Pipeline execution: assistance throughout the entire sales funnel process from the top of the funnel leads, to the middle of the funnel and to the end of the funnel to close sales.
  3. Content Strategy and Execution: crafting messages to relate to the entire buying process so that it reaches your target audience during every point of the buyer’s journey.
  4. Metrics and Measurement: establishing and monitoring key performance metrics
  5. An Executive Voice- adding a team member who you can count on to determine the right choices that are best for your organization

At Joseph Studios, our Fractal CMO Services will ensure that you have the assistance of an executive without having to incur the cost of a full-time CMO. Additionally, the fractal CMO becomes an extension of your team by leading sales and marketing meetings, determining priorities and taking responsibilities for all marketing initiatives.

Who needs a fractal CMO?

  1. Companies that have a marketing team, but needs an executive to provide guidance, leadership, and perspective when it comes to marketing needs
  2. CEO’s, CMO’s and VPs of sales or marketing who are looking for an outside perspective on their business
  3. Companies who are interested in hiring a CMO down the road, but are waiting for the right hire
  4. Companies who could use the help of a CMO, but don’t necessarily need or have the funds for a full-time CMO.

By hiring a fractal CMO, you can get the increased qualified leads that you need and implement a strong marketing strategy to connect with your audience throughout the buyers’ process.

Are you interested in hiring a fractal CMO? Speak with our team at Joseph Studios today.


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