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Just because you’re getting started doesn’t mean you have to take the long way towards success. By partnering with us you’ll be gaining not only world class marketing, but a team who can guide you towards making the best business decisions for where you are today.


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As an entrepreneur with 5 or less employees, you may not have the funds or the time to dedicate to growing your business, but you want to rapidly grow and change that reality. We have the perfect solution.

With our Tier 1 entrepreneur-focused marketing subscriptions, we can generate high-quality traffic and exposure for your brand, resulting in measurable growth and an engaged audience.

Best of all is that our team will be right alongside you, assisting you the whole way. Feel free to explore our services and contact us if you have any questions

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There’s no other company that does a better job. Their team is exceptional. Their service, knowledge, experience, and creativity are the reason why our company continues to choose Joseph Studios for our projects. They deliver!

Olivia Gabrielle

Joseph Studios’ work has empowered us to launch internationally with a partner overseas.

- CEO, Climb

Not only do they have great ideas, but they also have the talent to implement them.

- Owner, Paradise Wedding Chapel

Common Questions We Hear

When should I begin marketing?

The short answer is... it depends; just like with everything. It's complex and it just depends. But there are a few guiding principles you can use to gauge your readiness. First, have you completed your business plan? Without a firm understanding of what you're selling, to whom, and why they must have your product, any marketing and sales efforts will be difficult and inefficient. Now, that's not to say that you couldn't pressure test your plan with a marketing or sales effort, but... we'll it just depends.

How much should I budget for marketing?

When you're new into business or your entrepreneurial journey, marketing and/or efforts are likely to be your first, only, and by far the largest expense you'll have. Oftentimes, it's this initial phase that you'll spend your first $50-$100k before you're able to help offset those initial investment expenses with incoming revenue. So it's both important to set good, realistic, and measurable goals to help you stay on track. When you're a little further along in your journey though, you'll likely find that your marketing spend is roughly around 20% of your total business spend. This may include your PR and advertising budget, but like with all things, it depends on your specific situation.

What should I expect marketing to do?

A few pitfalls we commonly find people in centers around the notion that marketing is sales, but in reality, marketing is NOT sales. So while you need to be working on sales to grow, you can't expect marketing to close business on your behalf. Rather, marketing helps your sales team have better, easier, and more fruitful conversations. This goes for B2B -AND- B2C. No matter whether you're selling a product or a service, marketing helps you attract more and better attention, but it's not a silver bullet and you need to have a plan to cover sales, customer service, and product management separately from your marketing effort.

How soon should I niche down?

This, well, depends. As with all things. This is a very complex subject and product managers spend their whole careers deliberating and experimenting with this notion. In general though, you're balancing two factors. Speaking to a customer's specific need to help overcome a crowded market, versus, appealing to a problem when no one understands your purpose. This problem never really goes away. So if you're a "world's first" expect people to not know how or why they need your help. If you're "just another" expect to find a specialty quickly.

What marketing subscriptions should I begin with?

If you're debating this, please speak with someone from our team to help you make the best possible decision for your unique situation. In general though, the more subscriptions you pick up and the harder you pursue each subscription, the better off your results will be. Each of these subscriptions plays off each other and by combining them it strengthens your overall ability to influence the marketplace.

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