Improving Marketing Messages

Helping Brands Be More Like Their Consumers

Companies Don’t Always
“Look Like” Their Consumers –
That’s a Problem

One reason why many companies look to us for help with marketing is that they’re at the “level of play” where those who lead and run the company aren’t necessarily a perfect reflection of the current ideal or target consumer. In fact, many times this is the case and it makes complete sense that someone who’s running a larger brand isn’t necessarily going to be the same person who is still deeply tied into the community from which your consumers are being nurtured.
There are many noteworthy exceptions we’re founders or CEOs come from the consumer base or were deeply tied into the tactics now implemented by the company they represent, but it very quickly becomes the case whereas they grow and lead their company to new heights they fall farther and farther away from the latest and hottest trending concepts that are driving conversations at the tactician or consumer levels the brand is currently serving.

Here are two quick examples:

In the B2B IT space, specifically the cybersecurity arena, we commonly see where those who have had wonderful ideas a handful of years ago very quickly fall behind the times with regard to the latest technology and messaging, and as a result suffer from a loss of business and sales opportunities. Equally, it’s an exceptionally difficult chore to stay at the cutting edge of ideas and innovation in a way that also doesn’t consistently expose your company to the financial risk from prolonged research and development.
Then another example being in the consumer product arena, where we typically see that leadership may have come from the tactician or in consumer base at one point, but as they’ve lead and grown their organization, they find themselves no longer relatable to the consumer base.
Now in both examples, either company will be susceptible to a loss of market share and business opportunities as a result of no longer being able to successfully “look like” or relate to their consumer base. Here’s how we help in either circumstance.

What can be done?

When these organizations reach out to us we’ll first build a plan together that systematically bridges the gap between their consumer market and where the heart and soul of the company should be. Over the preceding few weeks, and the length of time we call “baseline month“, our team will begin to explore the key players within the consumer base, build avatars and psychological profiles on who these individuals are, and begin to send out messages to test how susceptible these groups and forums are to messaging based on our initial psychological profiles.
At the beginning of month two, the ambition is going to be that we have new and validated buyer avatars, and an initial marketing plan tailored to seek out and find these key individuals across the closed groups and forums in which we see these buyers acting and participating in across the Internet.
Then in months 3+ will be using and refining these profiles, as well as collaborating in these groups and forums on our clients’ behalf, using the messaging that was initially built out and refined over the preceding months for their brand’s benefit.

The Results

The expectation, and typical results from this being, 400% increase in impressions over the first four months of working with us to achieve your marketing goals and a 3-40% rise in engagement rate!

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