Key Leader Profiling

Building Psychological Profiles On Leadership Teams

A Very Common Problem

Many times we see that the leadership teams of small or medium-sized businesses are comprised of people with different personality types. Specifically, we see that sales team members and the CEO will have different personality types, and this causes friction for many people who are trying to sell into those businesses because what the CEO needs to hear and have said to them is most often not the same thing that her second in command needs to have said to them, and because of these differences in the sales pitches into these type of prospects are commonly less effective than they could be.
This was the case for one specific client of ours who needed to sell to a company where the CEO had a “D” (captain) disc score and their second in command was an “Sk” (skeptic). Captains being the type of personality who really only care about and results and want high-level messaging sent to them, while skeptics need in-depth facts and analysis in order to come to their own conclusions about the processes and mechanisms at play.
We see this dynamic play out a lot in board rooms and on sales calls across industries and while it’s a difficult path to navigate it’s also possible with our help and Deep Insight marketing tools.

What We Do To Help

So when this situation arises will typically counsel the client on their presentation skills, as well as revamp the marketing materials via a content subscription and strategy subscription to ensure that everyone in future sales meetings gets the message they need, in a way that they don’t lose focus or attention.
In this particular case, we built messaging around three main topics, where each of those topics had one slide to cover the 10,000-foot level conversation and three following slides for the details and corroborating evidence we knew the second stakeholder would need. In this way, we didn’t lose the attention or interest of our captain and we also weren’t alienating the skeptics or those who wanted to question what was being said. In doing this, the captains were fascinated by what our client had to offer and the skeptics had all the information they needed upfront so they didn’t derail the conversation with a whole bunch of questions or sidebar conversations which ultimately would’ve disinterested the other leaders.
Once again this happens so often on sales calls, but as a result of working with us your messages are refined and custom tailors to your sales targets to the point where the people that matter most on the other side of that sales call have the messaging they need, written in a way that is for their individual psychological profile.
While all along we knew exactly who our clients were targeting for new business and we’re building messaging specifically written for those key decision-makers.

The Outcome

This methodology comes off as natural and wildly effective, most of the time garnering a 40% higher engagement rate overall and when applied for at least four months on social media, blogs, emails, and other marketing copy.

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