How Animated Videos Can Benefit Your Business

August 25, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

Animated videos have been giving businesses a tremendous boost for quite a few years now. They’ve been around for decades with countless brands achieving great results using them. So, for those who thought animated videos were a thing of the past, they are definitely mistaken. The animation really is your best bet by far, whether you’re creating a tutorial, an explainer video, an educational video or a TV commercial. Here’s why: 


The experience of watching a video far surpasses that of reading the endless text.


People clearly would rather watch a video to learn about something than read about it. Watching a video is more comfortable than being forced to read a bunch of text because it’s just easier. Studies show that by watching a video we can process the information 60,000 times faster than if we read it in text form. Wherever your audience is, you can be sure they would rather watch a video than reading text off their computer screen, tablet or smartphone. 


Videos make it easier for an audience to connect with a brand. 


One of the best things about animation is that it can easily accommodate any concept, storyline, location, and character you can imagine to convey your message. You are not tied to a particular actor or locality when everything is animated. 


People on mobile devices prefer watching animated videos. 


Everyone seems to have a smartphone these days and studies show that 28% watch one or more videos a day on their phone. And, one-third of people with tablets report that they spend up to an hour each day watching videos on their tablets. Videos are increasingly being watched on mobile devices with each passing day. 


Animated videos can improve SEO. 


SEO is what determines your website’s rankings on the search engines. The various search engines use a number of factors in deciding how each website will rank. Relevance and social impact are two very important factors, as well as how much time visitors spend on the website. The more time visitors spend perusing content on your website, the better your SEO. To ensure this, you can incorporate animated videos into your web content. 


An animated video can be used to explain just about anything. 


Nearly everyone has at some point in their lives watched a video to find out more about a product, service, company or brand. These are called “explainer” videos and the best and most-watched ones are animated. Animation offers more flexibility than any other format, adapting to any storyline or character. Their characteristically cartoony vibe takes viewers back to their childhoods, which is why animated videos have such enormous appeal to people of all ages. 


Animated videos draw in far more viewers than any other video format because they are extremely versatile, offer a lot of flexibility in telling a story, and arouse feelings of nostalgia. They remind people of their carefree youthful days. A well-done animated video can emotionally connect your audience to you and your company, helping them see your brand in a positive, trusting light. This is the power of animation and if you haven’t discovered this as yet, it’s time you jumped on board with the rest of the world.  


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