How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Used in Marketing to Get You Leads

August 20, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

Incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into marketing has brought forth many changes in the way we do business and generate leads. You have probably already interacted with artificial intelligence without even realizing it. 

Digital assistants

Raise your hand if you or anyone you know uses Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, or any other type of digital assistant out there. Now put your hand down and think for a minute. These are examples of artificial intelligence, working from the data fed to them, either by internet or by your behaviors and interactions. If someone asked Alexa about your company in particular or CBD distributors, how would these tools respond to making your company known? If you find yourself looking up and scratching your chin right now wondering the same thing now that I mention it, you have some catching up to do already!

Chatbots keeping the lights on for you

When it comes to getting your CBD business off of the ground, you are probably already expecting to work long hours. It is not asking too much at all to want to spend time with your family. Because you are serving a public audience, though, the chances are that they may have some simple questions while exploring and shopping your site. A chatbot is useful in such a circumstance, for it can be ready to answer those simple questions so that you don’t have to. You can program your chatbot to answer the basic questions for your customers and make suggestions, or even ask questions to collect information for you to address when you return. Expect to watch this AI technology continue to evolve and soon be able to offer more exceptional experiences to your customers.

Search engine optimization (SEO) counts as AI, too

SEO is probably one of the first forms of AI when it came to marketing back in 2015. Google was the pioneer of the practice, and many e-commerce websites have implemented similar algorithms to make product searching smarter. 

With today’s marketing, SEO is what gets your company noticed. Everything from the written content on your website to the activity and traffic contributes to your placement in the order of results from any keyword search. When building or analyzing your web pages,  build each web page with that AI capability in mind. The goal is to be found by way of SEO without having to pay for a place on the list. 

Marketing follows the user to other sites

On consumer sites such as Amazon, for example, you may look up or purchase, and somehow, when you are browsing Facebook later, you see an ad with the product you previewed with some other comparable or complementary products. 

Automatic segmentation and specific targeting

Artificial intelligence is at it again with segmentation. For instance, have you ever wondered why you don’t see as many products for the opposite sex? You know they are out there, but they aren’t marketed to you. Why is that? AI is hard at work with the data you are feeding it, such as your browsing behaviors and purchases. Marketers use your actions to segment and market their data based on the data of your activities. If you ever made a purchase and completed a profile for a company identifying your sex, artificial intelligence will use that to your (and their) advantage. AI do simple tasks as segmenting by gender or age, but it can also be more comprehensive by identifying any prior personas and purchasing behaviors. AI might even separate gardeners from auto mechanics!

Predictive analytics with marketing

Predictive analytics has many tentacles in the marketing world and is proving itself useful in where and when to direct efforts and resources with your marketing plan. 

Here’s an example to ponder. When you’re searching for a product and partly through the word, and a list appears to select your match. AI has learned your frequent searches or those of others, depending on its coding.

How about after clicking a product for more information or after making an order, and you notice a list at the bottom of the screen for items likely to be paired, or what other shoppers browsed while looking at the same thing? Amazon is notorious for this type of artificial intelligence. 

Mail carriers like Sprint and FedEx use predictive analytics to identify customers that might soon defect to another courier. AI predictions like these enable companies to take a proactive approach and resolve existing frustrations before they terminate their relationship.

Artificial intelligence can predict the best time of day to push marketing and what the likelihood will be of a user responding with that ad based on the time and day.

AI is used in sales forecasts to help determine product demand by using data from sales, economic trends, and industry-wide comparisons.

Who has time for this?

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed right now, there is no need to despair. You went into the CBD business to help people, not to become a marketing guru. From the books, websites, and other articles available, which marketing methods are the better path? The best answer varies, and many people learn their best marketing practices through trial and error. The question is, how much time or funding do you have to spend on that trial and error?

We know that you are working hard at building and operating your CBD business. You may find it challenging or nearly impossible to put the amount of quality time required to build a strong reputation and presence for your business to expand past the personal relationships you are making with customers in person. Word of mouth goes a long way, but it will only get you part of the way to where you want to be. By neglecting a media presence, you may be missing more opportunity than you know as your market explodes. We at Joseph Studios are your complete marketing resource. We can customize a plan and help you sort and delegate the marketing assignments to get your company noticed or we can take it all the way. We make it easy for you. How can we help? Ask us today and get Joseph Studios in your corner.


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