How the Right Marketing Agency Can Help Tech Companies Reach Success in Just 12 Months

January 09, 2020
by Deanitra Kuminka

A tech company is only as strong as the authenticity, reliability, and effectiveness of its best product. The audience and consumer response towards a specific product is the voucher for a tech company’s success. But what should a tech company do if its products and services are not even reaching its potential customers in the first place?

You see, that is the most crucial part of being a tech startup. Suppose you are an owner of a tech company that develops and provides very handy, user-friendly, and public-friendly products and services, respectively. It may be easier to reach your aspiring buyers in this case because the product you are developing is mainstream. But what if you create a product that has a strong demand but only in a specific segment of the market. What do you do then?

In present times, using the medium of digital marketing is not a problem. The first plan of action of any tech firm, in this case, would be to use digital media for rescue, but that will not always help you generate the required ROIs. 

This is why the presence of a digital marketing agency right by your side can do wonders for your company. At Joseph Studios, we recently arranged multiple research sessions among our own digital media professionals to determine the effectiveness of the right marketing agency on a tech startup. After going through our multiple old encounters with tech startups, we deducted that the right marketing agency can help tech companies get their hands-on significant ROIs in less than 12 months or so. 

Following were the primary points on the basis of which we deduced results in our research workshops: 


The Right Marketing Agency Knows The Industry

If you plan on taking your tech company to the next level, you have to be willing to invest in it. The first step should be to firmly define the identity of your brand by establishing your own solid product. After you have an error-free and market-ready product, that is when you bring a digital marketing agency on board to help you reach your potential customers.

You must be extra careful when you are choosing your marketing agency because the digital marketing agency you choose for your business will either make or break your business. If you end up choosing the wrong agency having a poor knowledgeable team, will cause you to spend your precious finances for nothing. Similarly, if you do your research well and choose a digital marketing agency that has a proven record for helping similar tech companies like yours, that is when you will receive actual benefits.

The right marketing agency knows the industry from in and out and has its hands on the most useful and beneficial tips, tricks, and hacks. If a marketing agency has a handful of right mediums like email marketing and social media marketing tricks in its hands, it will help your tech startup reach new heights by attracting hundreds and thousands of customers to your website within months. 


They Have The Means to Target Tech Enthusiasts

In order to be the best, the top marketing companies out there keep their pockets full of the right tactics and means to pull the audience from different sources. Whether they bring in email databases from other reliable sources or they have information and skills to set up just the right paid marketing campaigns on digital, either way, the reliable marketing agencies have means to target your potential audience.

Being a tech company, you should be looking for a marketing agency that has special expertise dealing with tech companies in the past. This will allow you to choose an agency that has means to target tech enthusiasts and, as a result, will help you score even a higher audience of tech junkies. 


Tech Companies Can Always Use Marketing Assistance

The business of a tech company is only as good as the sale of its products or services. An average tech startup will be satisfied with an average amount of revenue generated each month but an extra-ordinary tech business will keep aiming to get bigger. 

When you keep an approach of always being open to more growth, it is then you are able to create empires based on your small startups. As far as a tech company is concerned, you can always aim for more segmented and more diverse marketing assistance. 


What Does Tech Marketing by an Experienced Marketing Agency Look Like

An experienced digital marketing agency should first analyze the company they are working with. If they have a reliable and promising business model, the agency moves on to verify the startup’s authenticity by examining the true outreach of their products or services. 

After examining their current situation, they must provide a detail report to the client, followed by a detailed plan on how things will move forward. The client either agrees, gets the agency to modify requirements and moves forward or decides to go with another option. 

Besides this, the main purpose of a marketing agency is to observe their client’s business and provide them with a marketing solution based on their current situation, needs, and future goals. 


Example: Joseph Studios 12 Months Success – Case Study

Joseph Studios recently had a client that came with a list of 5000 subscribers initially but did not have any email marketing plan.

The first step Joseph Studios took was to send an initial, introductory email to the complete list to confirm consent. This allowed us to narrow down the subscribers’ list by 1400 and we moved on with further segmentation of the audience. Each subscriber was presented with a list of options to tag what they were most interested in from our client’s inventory.

This was just an initial introductory process, but even this small yet organized effort was enough for our agency to start generating brand new sales leads. Not to mention, these leads did not just click on the call of action but actually went through the complete website, bought a product or two and left authentic reviews for respective products. 

If you are an owner of a tech company and looking for a reliable, affordable, and an excellent lead for a digital marketing agency, click here to contact Joseph Studios. 


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