How to Get Organic Traffic on Facebook?

May 15, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

Facebook has become one of the best social media platforms for your business to be. Facebook has more than two million monthly active users and 700 million users on Instagram, which is owned by Facebook. Gone are the days where all advertisements were in magazines and television ads, simply because your audience isn’t in front of the tv all the time like they used to be.

With 45% of the world on social media and the average person spending more than 2 hours a day scrolling through social media (younger adults can spend up to 8 hours a day) its no surprise that the internet has become the place where your audience is. There is good news and bad news when it comes to your business on Facebook. The good news is, Facebook has the potential to take your business to the next level you are looking for because of the mass audience you are able to reach. The bad news is, your business is not the only business out there on Facebook, and standing out to consumers is harder than ever.

Attracting people organically on Facebook is extremely important to businesses today because organic traffic is those people that come to you naturally instead of through a paid advertisement. When someone visits your page because of someone else’s recommendation or through a search engine themselves, this is known as organic traffic, and they are more valuable customers to your business. Organic traffic means that these visitors are interested in your product or service, meaning they are more likely to become repeat, long-term customers.

We have some helpful tips that will help to increase your organic traffic on Facebook that will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Ways to Get Organic Traffic on Facebook

Embed Your Facebook Posts in Your Blog

Blogs have become another vital marketing strategy. Having a blog can help your customers develop a sense of community and build trust within your brand. Blogs are also essential to SEO strategies, which will help to boost your online visibility. If you have a blog, one way you can boost your organic traffic on Facebook is to include some of your highest-performing Facebook posts into your blog. This is a way to give your content more visibility and attract more people to your Facebook page. The best part about doing this? Those who are reading your blog are already interested in the content you are using in the blog, meaning they are very likely to be interested in your Facebook content.

Where Facebook differs from blogs is the reach Facebook enables. Say someone loves that Facebook post that’s included in the blog they just read…they are able to share with their friends who may also have similar interests and begin following your Facebook page and BOOM! Just by embedding a simple Facebook link, you attracted two (maybe more) visitors.

Post Audience-Tested Content

If you made a post in the past that received tons of interaction, you know this content is already favored by the audience you have. Facebook gives you access with its Insights to see which posts have had the most reach. If you repost the content at a different time in a different format, there is a good chance the content will be favored again by your audience and increase your reach.

Collaborate with an Influencer

If you missed our recent post about influencer marketing, you’d want to catch up and read that one. In short, influencer marketing is an affordable, highly effective word-of-mouth marketing strategy that has become a popular trend in the marketing industry. An influencer on Facebook is one that has a large following. When you partner with an influencer, and they mention your product or service (and provide the link to your page), you will be able to watch your following drastically increase. Those who follow an influencer trust the influencer’s recommendations and will most likely be interested in the product or service they talk about.

One powerful strategy that influencers use is giveaways. The influencer will host a giveaway for a free product or service which will require people to follow your business to enter the giveaway. This is a win-win strategy for everyone, the audience has the chance to win something, and you gain new followers! By working with an influencer, you can immediately increase your organic traffic on Facebook.

Promote Your Facebook Page on Your Other Networks

The easiest and simplest way to boost organic Facebook traffic is to use the network you already have. IF you have a LinkedIn with tons of followers and connections, or an Instagram or Twitter page with a ton of followers, they will want to follow you on Facebook too. Social Media is mainly used for relationship building with your consumers, so it shouldn’t be too promotional but promoting your other social media accounts once in a while won’t do any harm. If you use any sort of email marketing, you should always include your social media accounts somewhere on the page. This is a great way to provide your audience with more information and a way to get them to follow you on Facebook to boost your organic reach.

Joseph Studios has a team of social media experts who know the ins and outs of Facebook. When you work with Joseph Studios, you will have a social media strategist who will do thorough research to develop a social media strategy that will effectively reach your target audience. You will also work with a project manager who will ensure your social media campaigns are delivered on time and executed perfectly while developing and posting all the content to ensure it is effective and of interest to your target audience.

At Joseph Studios, we know how to get organic traffic on Facebook to build long-term, quality relationships with your target audience. To learn more about our social media services, contact an expert today.


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