How To Grow Your Organic Traffic With Content Marketing?

May 17, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

Every business wants to know how to boost its website traffic. Although there is no magic procedure, there are some things you can do to increase website traffic. One of the ways to increase website traffic is with content marketing.

What Is Content Marketing?

The Content Marketing Institute (the content marketing experts) defines content marketing as “a strategic approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience- and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

When understanding the definition of content marketing, you must note the keyword in its definition: Valuable content. Anyone can create content, but it takes a special person or team to develop content that is valuable to others. This is where the help of a marketing agency comes into a business. A marketing agency has a team of creative experts who understand the different target audience’s and how to develop content that is valuable to them. To really understand what content marketing is, you should know why content marketing is important to your business.

How to Grow Your Organic Traffic With Content Marketing

The first two steps in the buying process of a consumer is awareness in research. A consumer might think they need something but are unsure of the solution. At this point, they conduct research to educate themselves. An example of this might be a business who is interested in marketing services. The business will conduct research and use that research to determine what services best fit their needs.

In the marketing industry, there is a trend that is one of the best ways to grow your organic traffic, and that is with blogging- a content marketing strategy. Having a blog is not difficult to do, but the work that goes into blogging regularly requires time, creativity, and expertise. Thus, blogging should be left to a professional.

Having a blog page is the first step, and there is a lot more that goes into blogging. Blogging requires consistency and should have new posts every week at a minimum. Before the content is even created, there is more work to be done, and that is research. Not only do you have to research the topic you are writing about, but you have to research your audience and determine a writing strategy of how your blog is going to connect with your audience. Once you have a good understanding of your target audience, you will be able to determine the type of content they are interested in, and that will help you to develop topics, overall content and a voice that is engaging to them.

Blogs are the most effective way to increase your organic site traffic. Why? Because of the content that will be produced for search engines to recognize. Blogs will provide more content to your website that is relative to your niche. So, for example, if you offer exercise equipment and you have a ton of blog articles that are all about exercise equipment, you will be able to increase your rankings on search engines. This will dramatically boost your website traffic because when people google that phrase, your page will be the first to come up.

If you are utilizing blogs correctly in your marketing strategy, you should be sharing the blogs you post on social media or in your email marketing newsletters. By doing so, people are given the opportunity to see your blog post where they may not come across it otherwise. Not only can people see your blog post, but they can also share it with their followers. When someone shares your blog posts, there is a good chance their followers have the same interests and will be curious to read your post and potentially continue to share your post to their followers and so on. By sharing your blog post on every social media platform, you increase your chances to use this blog to increase your website traffic.

Blogging – Why It Should Be Left to An Expert

As mentioned, blogs should be left to experts. Creating a blog that is poorly written, spammy, or uninteresting content can harm your SEO results and decrease website traffic. This happens when search engines recognize bounce rates. Bounce rates occur when a visitor comes to your site and quickly leaves rather than clicking through your web pages. An excellent blog should want the reader to learn more, making them click on the links included in the article. If you are not confident that you or another team member can create the high-quality, relative content that will boost website traffic, leave it to an expert like a marketing agency.

Blog Writing Service

Joseph Studios is a marketing agency that offers blogging services to its clients. When you work with Joseph Studios’ blog writers, it can help you and your business communicate your past successes, techniques, and expertise with a well-written blog. Working with the team will also give your business the ability to speak directly to your current customers. The messages that are crafted by blogging experts are designed to connect with each type of customer you have genuinely. Perhaps the most important benefit of working with our blogging team is you get to enjoy a professionally managed blog that consistently pulls in new leads, improves your SEO rankings, and draws site traffic interest.

When you work with Joseph Studios’ Blog writing service, there is very little that we need from you. Our team will develop all the topics, do the research, develop and post the content (of course with your approval.) All you need to do is sit back and watch the blogs do the work and bring in your business.

Are you ready to see how blogs can increase your organic traffic? Do you want to develop a relationship with your audience and build trust within your brand? If so, reach out to one of our experts. We would love to give you more information and talk more about we can do for your business with our blogging service!


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