How To Help Your Marketing Department Maximize Efficiency?

June 25, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

A marketing department may face more challenges than you realize. They work numerous projects at once, always have to be creative and innovative, work both individually and as a team and they must keep up on the latest trends and news in the industry to ensure the strategies they are using are effective. After all this work, it’s easy to become worn out and sluggish. In fact, don’t we all need a boost occasionally?

Marketing teams generally work by deadlines but meeting those deadlines become difficult when your inbox is blowing up and faced with other distractions. Luckily, there are plenty of simple ways to boost your marketing team’s productivity.

Use Management Tools

Everyone has their own way of staying organized on track. Some people prefer logging events into their mobile device, using an old fashion paper calendar, or logging it in their email calendar. Regardless of what you or your team prefers, a management tool is essential for team success. A management tool is not only great for serving as a backup calendar (in the event you forget to pencil it into your regular calendar) but it’s a place to keep track of your other team member’s task. If you find yourself spending time searching for assignments in your inbox, management tools might be an excellent tool for you. You will be able to search for work faster, where they are all stored in one place. Rather than emailing back and forth, you can do all your communication through this one tool.

Distribute Work Evenly

A great advantage of working as a team is team members can help each other. That is why no one person should have more work than the other. Employees who feel they don’t have enough time to complete their work on a daily basis and feel overloaded with work have reported being less productive by 68% in comparison to their peers.

If you notice your marketing team could be more efficient, it might be time to step back and take a look at each team member, one by one. Evaluating each team member isn’t meant to burst a team member’s bubble but rather hold them accountable to their work and motivate them to be more productive. During this evaluation, you might find some team members are doing just fine while others are struggling to meet deadlines. Either way, you will be able to determine how to distribute work in the future.

Enhance Team Communication

Did you know that improvement in communication can increase a team’s productivity by 25%? Data also shows that 96% of workers admit that unnecessary emails waste their time. The idea is to enhance communication without the use of email. This is where a communication app comes in hand. As mentioned, management tools to allow you to communicate with team members, but that is not meant for communication.

There are communication app’s like slack out there that is specifically designed for team communication. Slack (and other communication tools) allow you to message employees throughout the day without sending a new email to the team every time you need to send a message. Slack is a great way to stay in touch throughout the day, without distracting others

Provide Consistent, Timely Feedback

Providing your team members with feedback is important for every department but especially for your marketing department. You might have a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly meeting with your team to go over feedback. Feedback, however, should not be held onto for designated meeting times. Providing team members with feedback is a way to boost productivity. By doing so, they can make changes before its too late.

Digital Cleanse

Marketing teams rely so heavily on their computers, which is where everything is stored nowadays. All pictures, documents, etc., it’s easy to become unorganized. If you find your marketing team lacking productivity, it might be time to do a digital cleanse. A digital cleanse is whatever you need to do to get things organized. If you use a google drive, clean up the folders and make sure everything is in the right place. Delete anything you don’t need so its not hanging around. By doing a digital cleanse, you will be able to search for what you need in a quick, simple way.

Take A Break From The Office

If you have done all of the above and believe your team still isn’t being as productive as they could be, they might just need a good old break! Maybe your team has put in some really hard work recently and needs to recoup. We are not saying give your entire team a vacation but maybe surprise your team with some remote work. You would be surprised to see the amount of work your team can pump out just by allowing them to work in whatever environment they choose. After this remote break, come back for a team meeting and get back to it for a fresh start!

In conclusion, marketing department teams are only human, once in a while, they can use a boost for productivity. By implementing these helpful tips, you should see a big change in the way the team is working. For more tips and tricks on how to boost productivity, check out our blog posts.


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