How to Prepare for Social Media Marketing in 2020

December 17, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

In 2019, we realized that social media is an ultimate tool that can drive massive organic traffic to your website if rightly utilized. If your brand has the right image and approach on social media, you will be able to divert the desired audience to each of your posts, product, and service.

2020 is just around the corner, and the impact of social media marketing has only improved in the last few months. Combining the channel synergy of paid and organic mediums can yield massive ROIs for your business, and frankly, what else can we ask for?

By the end of this blog, you will have a tight grip on preparing a social media marketing strategy for 2020. You will have your hands on the major trends and a clear idea of which trend will work best for your company!

Here’s a preparation guide for you to get started on your social media marketing strategy for 2020:

Prioritize Influencer Marketing – A Great Way to Get Your Products Out There

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat, influencers are everywhere, and you should take this as an opportunity. If you are a company that’s focused on selling products, there’s not a better way to get your products out there in public than letting the influencers do it for you.

In most cases, marketing with influencer costs a lot less than your traditional marketing. Many intermediate influencers would be happy to receive your products and market them on their Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat stories for free.

Influencer marketing is a give and takes process; you have to smartly manage your every campaign with an individual. If you think your brand can receive massive benefits from a specific influencer, you should not be reluctant in paying them. Most of the time, you will be able to get a lot done in relatively less marketing charges.

Paid Ads on Social Media (Test Them First)

One of the most common ways of marketing on social media is through paid and sponsored ads. The Instagram and Facebook atmosphere is especially perfect for these ad campaigns. The beauty of marketing through paid ads on social media is that you are exponentially increasing the chances of driving traffic to your website.

After you are done creating engaging and popping ad posts, you should test them by spending small amounts initially. You will notice that some posts are performing relatively better than the others, and that’s precisely where you have to spend more.

You can terminate the ones which are not performing and expand the ones which are performing well. In most cases, this practice will lead you to exponentially larger people outreach.

Slide into the Facebook and WhatsApp Groups

Whether you are selling a service, a product, or a solution, these social media groups can be an excellent platform for you to flaunt your offerings. There are numerous social media groups focused on buying and selling a specific product or a service, both locally and globally.

You can join one of those groups and start your campaign there. Chances are, you will be landing batches of customers right away – since most of these groups are highly active when it comes to buying and selling.

Perhaps your next big successful campaign that will be landing you the highest ROIs, traffic, and SERPs in the coming year will be through a social media group.

Focus on Driving Traffic to Your Company’s Website

When you are advertising on social media, it’s easy to get distracted in the atmosphere and hustle of it. Perhaps you opted for a meme-centered marketing campaign on social media but subconsciously picked out the very thing that you were marketing for – a call to action on your website.

During your social media marketing strategy, your posts and ads should be focused on leading the potential audience to your website. Instead of focusing on likes and shares on social media, your aim should be to drive a larger part of those likes to buy a product from your website and eventually convert them.

In this regard, here are a few questions you should be asking yourself as a social media marketing manager:

  • Is your audience coming to your website?
  • Are they converting into customers or at least leads?
  • Is your social media marketing strategy, even working?

Utilizing the Stories Feature

The stories feature on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and now even on YouTube is an excellent customer visibility tool. There’s a higher chance of your audience seeing your stories than your posts, and in 2020, the trend is only expected to grow.

Most of these stories feature to provide a direct call to action – swipe up attachment link. Whether your company provides a service, sells products, or is a blog, you can make use of the stories feature. Just put up your go-to video, image, text or animation live in the stories and attach a link to your external blog or website. The business tools on Instagram will even let you monitor how many people have clicked on your link.

In other words, the stories feature is an exquisite social media marketing tool for 2020, regardless of your company type.

Engaging, Quirky, and Timely Marketing

One of the most crucial and important things to consider while you are devising a social media marketing strategy is to prioritize connecting with your audience. Your content, posts, paid ads, and promotions should be audience-engaging at once.

A right marketing post binds the customer, builds a trust relationship with your audience, drives them towards your brand, and leaves the customer wanting more.

Many brands opt for quirky, witty, and creative meme-centered campaigns in this regard, which is a great marketing tool – because who isn’t attracted to humor?

Another crucial thing to consider is selecting the right time. It’s true that your marketing campaign cannot prosper without a meaningful and engaging marketing act. But timely marketing works just as well. If you’re introducing an exclusive product for summer vacations, make sure you’re marketing for it at correct times – so people can actually engage, relate, and buy from your company!

When it comes to social media marketing, being quirky, witty, engaging, and time-oriented should be a basic rule for each type of company out there.


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