How To Strike Up A Conversation On Social Media

July 28, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

When it comes to getting your company noticed, social media is a tremendous tool for drumming up activity around your brand and driving traffic to your web page. For some of us, this is as easy as putting on socks. For others, though, a creative block just occurred at the thought of it. There is nothing to fear! With these suggestions, just read, ponder, and type away.

Showcase Your Product Or Service

If your company is a product or service-based organization, why not show everyone what you can do on social media? It is a great way to drum up word-of-mouth from people you have never met before because your product and results speak for themselves.

Before and after comparisons are a great way to feature your best examples and sure to gain attention and engagement in the form of reactions and comments. If you strike a nerve with your audience, you can begin to see your post (attached to your company name) start to travel across the internet and even go viral. Next thing you know, there are thousands of eyes admiring your company.

Feature photos with a question and allow your audience to personalize the idea of having your product. There is a dual purpose here with combining an opportunity to show off and also the psychological power of suggestion. First, you are sharing your product with featured details worthy of envy; then you ask a simple question such as “How will you use this?” or “Where will you place this?” You will notice many are compelled to comment with an answer to your question. Note that I said “will” instead of “would.” This verbiage subtly suggests that your audience is about to purchase this product. How clever is that?

Gather Information To Your Customers’ Needs

What better way to learn your customers’ desires than to ask? The fun of asking questions on a social media platform is that you get your audience bouncing ideas and feeding off of each other. It is like a forum at your fingertips. 

Take It To The Next Level

As you are striking up a conversation with your audience, your presence holds excellent value with the level of engagement on your post and also the integrity of your company. Your audience sees responses and thinks you are really listening to your customers and their needs. While we recommend being present in-person to represent your company whenever you can, there are also utilities such as SmartConvos that can maintain conversations in your place. These tools have evolved to the point that they are even getting mistaken for live people. 

Encourage Activity With A Touch Of Random

Sometimes you may lack anything new or witty to say, but you still want to maintain a level of activity on social media. These are times where you might get a little random to see who’s watching. Some things you can do is ask a safe question that is free of any real controversy. You could ask a simple question such as your favorite color, memory, paper or plastic, Coke or Pepsi, toilet paper hanging on the inside or outside of the roll. Whatever the question, keep away from strong opinions (such as politics) and keep it fun. One of the “either/or” posts can be done as a poll, while other questions will require actual comments to answer. The responses will speak to the level of engagement your audience pays to your company. 

So Why All Of This? 

Social media is but one of many ways to create interest in your business naturally (organically). To get the most out of your marketing budget, consult an organic marketing agency like Joseph Studios to help you create long-standing campaigns, and rank organically without depending solely on ad dollars.


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