How Your Regular Year-Round Marketing Can Benefit Your Holiday Push

November 28, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

Getting yourself a website these days is very convenient. All you have to do is set up a website for yourself on one of the automated web hosting services like WordPress, Blogger, or Wix. Alternatively, you may even hire a programmer to develop a brand new website for you. But, that’s just the beginning of a long journey.

After you’ve successfully set up a website for your business niche and when the website is all ready to go live – that’s when your real test starts!

As a business owner, you’re not only going to be responsible for the maintenance of your website but you also have to kick-start a smart marketing strategy. Digital business is nothing without a great marketing campaign. A successful marketing strategy yields high ROI, increased SERPs, increased organic traffic, and continuous evolution.

Here’s a question though: Will your regular year-round marketing benefit your brand in the holiday season? Read along and you might just find an answer, or two.

Marketing – A Regular, Steady, and Continuous Process

When you’ve correctly analyzed and devised a marketing strategy, the next step is learning how to sustain it. When you’ve learned to sustain it, the next step is how to move forward while continuing to gain maximum benefits.

We just discussed what a successful marketing strategy yields, but do we know what a successful marketing strategy comprises of? Here it goes:

  • White Hat SEO
  • Social Media Assistance
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Optimization
  • SEO Optimization
  • Paid Marketing
  • Organic Marketing
  • Channeling synergy of each of the above
  • And more

Marketing is a wide, diverse, and somewhat vague topic, where there’s always room for more learning. However, the key is to develop an approach that will provide opportunities to continuously grow. For this purpose, marketers, and e-commerce business owners have to work around the clock throughout the year – to be better than their competitors while gaining profound advantages.

Regular Marketing – It Makes You Familiar with Your Customers

If we look at the world from a customer’s point of view, a customer will always prefer buying from a vendor who he trusts and knows. If two local struggling brands and one known brand release a product together – customers will be inclined to buy from the known brand, it is human psychology.

Similarly, if you’re a business owner and you have developed a trust and familiarity based relationship with your customer, they will buy from you.

For example, when we keep seeing a similar ad on our Facebook page over and over again, there comes a point that we sometimes have to hide it voluntarily out of frustration. However, if we look at it through a potential customer’s end, that’s just brilliant marketing. Sooner or later, that brand will be attracting a fine amount of potential audience, thanks to the art of regular marketing.

It Helps You Build Your Brand’s Identity

As a part of a successful marketing plan, building your brand’s identity is one of the most significant steps. How exactly do you build your brand’s identity?

Well, first of all, you throw yourself out there through paid marketing, visual optimization, blogs, organic marketing, social media, and sponsors. You make yourself known for what you are and what niche you’re working in. If you’re one of the brands that want to leave a long-lasting impact, you study the customer’s psychology and utilize it for your benefit.

This is a continuous process and it’s similar to building familiarity with your customers. However, this is where you make yourself stand out from your competitors and continuously remind the public of your capabilities, achievements, and potential as a brand.

Regular Year-Round Marketing – It Makes You Stand Out!

Only the brands who want to be successful take this approach. Not everyone is made of thick blood and year-round work requires back-breaking hard work! When you’re working throughout the year, continuously marketing your products, building a brand’s identity, and becoming familiar with your customers – it makes you stand out from your competitors and other brands in the market.

This gives you a significant edge over other brands. If you have a wide variety of products, the customers will not only choose you for occasional matters but they’ll be your permanent customers. For example, consider Alibaba, Aliexpress, and Amazon, they’re multi-billion dollar organizations in the business for years and their sales only always go up!

Is this All Enough For a Grand Holiday Push?

Well if you’re looking for a binary answer, then yes it’s more than enough. However, if you’re someone who tends to think the world as an epicenter of countless opportunities, you’ll just realize that all this is just another milestone of success. No matter how much revenues you can generate at Cyber Monday Sales, Black Friday Sales, Christmas or Thanksgiving sales – there always will be room for improvement!

That’s why I mentioned in the start that a successful marketing strategy requires continuous evolution. Having a brand identity, an authenticated relationship with the public and a year-round marketing strategy makes you stand out – leading you to generate even better revenues during the holiday and rush-hour seasons.

Holiday Revenues: Year-Round Marketing vs No Marketing

There’s no rocket science when it comes to understanding this concept. A brand that’s been marketing its services throughout the year will obviously have better recognition and far better chances of generating greater revenues during the holiday season.

However, a brand that has entered the market right before the holiday season, or hasn’t really indulged in any marketing throughout the year, will obviously have lesser chances of generating good revenue. However, there always can be exceptions.

Suppose a No-Marketing brand slides its way into the market by introducing an extremely exclusive, and unique product. This will definitely impact their overall outcomes, revenues, and ROI. However, competing with a brand that has worked hard throughout the year can be a tough job.

Think of it like this: Mercedes has been in the car manufacturing business for decades, but a new car company slides in right before the holidays with no customer familiarity whatsoever. Who do you think will generate greater revenues that holiday season?


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