How To Increase Organic Traffic And Conversions From Twitter

January 29, 2019
by Daniel Klein

Twitter represents one of the most professional and strategic social networks across the world. This is the reason as to why it is so easy for something to go viral on Twitter. Organic marketing on Twitter would give you returns and conversions, only depending on how you go about it.

We all know that Twitter is not an easy platform to wrap your hands around. It has proved hard to figure out for many people and for those who understand it, know that it is complicated to get that tweet and retweet to multiply. But once you grasp the wrap of things, Twitter is one of the best and easiest platforms to use in promoting your products and services. The main reason – Twitter remains the most professional social media platform of all time.


Using Twitter For Organic Marketing

Now, whether you are new to Twitter or you are a Twitter pro, there are essential guidelines to guide you to ensure you harness the full potential of organic marketing on the website.


– Use accurate and verified credentials in your profile.

It is vital to use your real picture as your profile picture on Twitter, as well as real names and actual descriptions. This will enable all people interested in your products to know you and associate with you a more professional and trusted online reputation. It gives the impression of a serious prospect and focused personality when your credentials are real.

Include a short bio to let your followers learn a thing or two about you. Has your Twitter account been verified using a verified email address to appear authentic even as you sell your products and services? Customize your profile to look relevant to your products, and strive to incorporate a touch of creativity like an additional website for instance inside your bio.


– Create a professional image on your page.

If you want your product marketing to be successful on Twitter, you will need to create content that is new and original, propel your information in a branded version, stick to your goals and objectives, and approach your followers on more personal ground. This will ensure you are vibrant and relevant, and not held in the past and old ways of marketing.


– Use Twitter tools and offers.

Sometimes it gets tiresome to read all the publications being used to market various goods and services. For creativity purposes, use more videos to drive the point home. It gets more captivating and original as well as practical.  Using active Twitter chats also keeps you valid as they attract interactive followers and active tweeters who tweet and retweet and share your posts to reach as many people as possible.

How To Increase Organic Traffic And Conversions From Twitter

– Add a personalized direct touch to your sharing.

The direct messaging app on Twitter allows you to follow up with your followers on a more personal basis. This is vital especially when you need to have conversions and when you are converting a potential prospect to a client.


– Actively engage your followers.

You do not want to appear and disappear inconsistently to your followers on Twitter. Instead, you have to engage them by responding to their queries and answering their questions. This will not only keep your prospects following you; it will also give you the image of concern for your prospects as well as make them look at you from a more professional angle.


– Come up with a robust Twitter Team.

There is power in number, and you need to tap into this when you think of organic Twitter marketing. Having an active group that has a similar mindset as you as well as a keen interest in your products and services that will coordinate your marketing strategies and ensure your posts reach maximum numbers of targeted people.


– Use Twitter advanced searches.

This is more like narrowing down your followers to the specific ones who use or are interested in your products. It saves you energy and ensures your posts remain relevant to all involved parties. It will also enable you to make informed decisions as pertains to your marketing strategies. You can find potentially interesting new tweets you might have not seen otherwise.


– Adapt to changing situations.

Twitter, like any other social media websites, keeps changing and restructuring to accommodate changes and technological advancements. Do not get stuck up in the past. Instead, vary with the changing times and remember it is okay to go off topic to accommodate a potential opportunity. Capitalize on trending tweets and get in there to market your products if they are related to the trends and hashtags or events.


– Be sensitive.

When you remain relevant, you remain applicable to your prospects. For instance, do not use sensitive times to market your products and services. If your country or state is going through a tragedy, join the masses in the somber mood. Also, be cautious of the tweets you post during this time to make sure they are not offensive or insensitive. You could consider putting a pause on all your scheduled tweets to join the masses at the moment, or to engage in a “moment of silence”.


– Vary your tweets.

Mix up your tweets between videos, texts, and publications to incorporate all parties. You could also consider including a little bit of paid marketing on twitter to reap more fruit. Choose to invest in strong campaigns and promotions so that your products reach far and wide. Ensure your marketing strategies contain clear and precise information so as not to compromise your outlook.

How To Increase Organic Traffic And Conversions From Twitter

How To Increase Organic Traffic And Conversions From Twitter?

The number of shares and engagement is vital for you if you want to start on organic Twitter marketing but are not sure where to start from. Keep in mind that social media marketing largely influences the accessibility of information on products and services in today’s world. Also, consider that the changing and advancements in the already existing technologies are bound to make Twitter even better. Once you gather enough followers and prospects, think of paid advertising to help you attract more relevant and serious clients. The main driving force should be that Twitter is a professional website and you have a better starting plan to begin increasing organic traffic from Twitter.


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