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January 07, 2020
by Deanitra Kuminka


Joseph Studios is unlike most marketing agencies out there. We are headquartered in the Atlanta Metro area, but our team is spread out over the US, so we are a fully remote marketing agency. Being a fully remote agency is a new concept for some folks, but there are numerous advantages for both our team and the clients we work with. Here are some of the advantages we have experienced with our fully remote company: 

 Joseph Studios Has the Best Talent in The Country

Perhaps the greatest advantage of being a fully remote company is that we are not limited to one specific area when it comes to searching for talent. There is some incredible talent all around the US and we are proud to say that we choose our team based on our clients’ needs and the talent they can bring to our team.

 Joseph Studios Excel in Communication 

One thing we have learned from being remote is that communication is vital for our success. We prioritize communication in everything that we do. Like any traditional company, we have team meetings throughout the week and we even have a virtual office, so team members can chat throughout the day to ensure nothing gets lost along the way.  

Not only do we prioritize communication internally, but we are sure to maintain good communication with all of our clients. When you work with Joseph Studios, you can be as involved as you wish. Once a week, we will have touchpoint days, where all work and progress are shared with each client. Our clients also set monthly meetings to touch base with our team. In addition, you will have a specialist and operations manager on hands at all times. 

Allows Us to Get Down to Business

As a remote team, we mean business. Meeting face-to-face is great in some instances, but we have found that the technology out there today such as video chatting, works just as well. This allows our team to spend less time in meetings that aren’t always necessary, so we can focus on delivering awesome work.

 Joseph Studios Is Proficient in The Latest Technology 

As a remote company, we rely heavily on our computers and the numerous programs out there that help us to get the job done. Whether it’s a video conferencing app, graphic design programs, social media platforms, web hosting sites, email, etc., chances are we have already used the program before or something similar to it. This allows us to adapt to any type of technology your business might be using. 

 We Get to Work with The Best Clients

Just like we get to work with the best team members in the country- we have the incredible opportunity of working with the best clients out there! We have worked with a wide variety of clients in numerous industries. We are also eager to take on new learning opportunities.

 Meeting with Our Clients

As mentioned, we meet with our clients often to keep them in the loop. We generally meet via phone conference or video conference but if needed, we are able to travel on-site to our clients. 

We continue to experience new advantages from being a fully remote company. Want to learn more about the locations we serve? Ready to come on board? Contact our team for more information.


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