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April 22, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

There are many reasons why a business would consider working with a marketing agency. You may be looking to stand out in a crowded market or looking for a strategy to grow your company. Many people are interested in outsourcing their marketing because they are “wearing too many hats” and need someone to take on the marketing work. Perhaps you are interested in outsourcing your marketing but not sure where to begin. Joseph Studios is one of the many marketing agencies in Atlanta.

Joseph Studios take a different approach to marketing. In a world of paid advertising and paid sponsorships, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. We use an organic marketing approach that is effective and will produce long-term results. Organic marketing refers to the act of gaining customers naturally rather than paid links or boosts. We understand the effectiveness of paid advertising, but the truth is, a business can not be successful without organic marketing.

Joseph Studios is a marketing agency in Atlanta. The team is composed of experts in the marketing industry that are dedicated to delivering results to our clients. The best part about the team is they are all based in the United States. No bots or machines are used which means clients receive more effective work. Joseph Studios never outsources work or uses 3rd party contractors. Joseph Studios has been awarded numerous awards such as top marketing agencies in 2019 by Agency Spotter, Top Advertising and marketing agencies in Atlanta 2019 by Clutch and top social media agencies in 2019 by UpCity. Joseph Studios has been rewarded for our email marketing, social media, and SEO work as well.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has become a necessity in marketing because it helps to drive sales and build relationships in mass with existing and potential customers. This marketing strategy helps to communicate deals, special pricing, and success stories effectively and quickly. Anyone can send out an email, but it is best to leave email marketing to a professional. Email marketing takes a lot of creativity and planning. This content should be sent to the right people at the right time and should always have creative, relatable content with a call to action to drive sales. These emails must be left to a professional because it needs to be consistent to result in new business.

Email marketing is proven to be effective if done correctly. Email marketing specialists are always going to outperform amateurs and freelancers. This is for many reasons but mainly because they have access to the necessary tools and programs and are creating these emails on a daily basis. Email marketing can bring in $48 for every $1 spent on the campaign. When considering implementing email marketing into your marketing strategy, it is best to look at a marketing agency for assistance.

Joseph Studios is different than other marketing agencies in Atlanta. We include a marketing strategist who is there to meet with you bi-weekly and provide a strategy for your marketing campaign. Also included is an email marketing technical expert who will manage your mailing list, segment your lists by user groups and be responsible for development and testing. In addition, a marketing project manager will be there to ensure the timely delivery of your marketing campaigns. Joseph Studios will deliver results to you and give you access to tools that will measure the results that are produced.  To learn more about Joseph Studios, visit our website.

Social Media

Being present and active on social media is essential for every business. Social media is a sense of community for current customers and has the potential to drive new and reoccurring business to your website. Social media is vital for every business’s growth. Social media is where customers are receiving all their information and news. Being present on social media is critical for customer relations. Since social media is so important for a business in today’s world it is best to hand your social media to an expert. Social Media Experts are able to effectively run multiple platforms to thousands of followers and ensures each person sees your post. Social media requires a lot of time and effort that most businesses do not have. Working with a marketing agency will be an effective long-term investment to grow your business.

Joseph Studios understands the importance of social media for a business which is why we strive to be better than any other marketing agencies in Atlanta. Joseph Studios Social Media experts understand the competitiveness of social media and the trends in the industry. Our team will work to develop a social media strategy that is guaranteed to grow your business and following. The best part about it is it Is all low cost. Joseph Studios’ organic marketing approach helps clients see results without having to pay for social media ads. Joseph Studios will also create a strategy that improves reoccurring and repeat business by maintaining business relationships in mass.

Going Viral on Social Media With Joseph Studios

Joseph Studios uses social media for the chance of our clients going viral. While going viral is mostly out of luck there are things that can be done to help the likelihood of going viral. Going viral on social media is huge for any business. Joseph Studios created a viral post for one of its clients. Prior to going viral, these clients reach was about 40 people per post. After help from Joseph Studios’ help the clients reach is now 888 people per post. The best part about this is it was all done organically! Our goal to have our clients go viral on social media makes us different from other marketing agencies in Atlanta.

Marketing Agencies in Atlanta

SEO and Organic Backlinks

As Joseph Studios has been awarded top advertising and marketing agencies in Atlanta by Clutch in 2019, it’s no surprise the team has produced outstanding results for its clients. Joseph Studios believes SEO should pay for itself by providing free (organic) site traffic. Organic marketing has been shown to lead to much higher conversion rates that are much more valuable than paid ads. Wondering why? When people come across your website through search engines like Google, they are already looking for your product or service, making them more likely to be interested and ultimately lead to a sale. Paying for an ad placement will surely reach more people but it is less likely to reach an audience that is actually interested.

In addition to Joseph Studios’ SEO services, its backlink services have tremendously helped clients. Backlinks are connections from one website that ranks well for keyword phrases that you are trying to rank for, but they are truly meant for humans to know where to find good and helpful resources. What makes Joseph Studios different from other marketing agencies in Atlanta and other agencies, in general, is real US-based people are sent to the sites where customers are already learning about the products and services your business provides. On that page, a Joseph Studios team member mentions how wonderful and helpful your business is and then provides a link to a relevant page on your website. No bots or machines are used to generate hundreds of generic links to your site. This guarantees an increase in valuable customers. Since these backlinks are handwritten by a US local, your business is more likely to attract humans who are likely to buy your product or service.

These backlinks will help your business to organically rank better for important google keywords, ensure potential customers find you when they research the products and services your business provides, and enable you to receive data-rich monthly activity reports, highlighting the leads Joseph Studios has generated for you and the growth that has been produced.

Blog Writing

Blogs have become an important strategy in the marketing industry. Blogs not only provide valuable or entertaining content to customers and potential customers, but they also dramatically help you rank better in search engines naturally without the use of paid ads. Blogs also help to increase the content on your site, making you more credible to not only customers but search engines like Google, too. Blog writing works best when you are consistent and post relative content. If blogs are written and used correctly, businesses can see excellent results from blogging. If you chose to implement blogs into your marketing strategy, it is best to hire an expert, so this content is not unhelpful and irrelevant to consumers.

One of the many reasons why Joseph Studios differs from others in the blogging industry is we are local!  Ensuring your content is written by a local marketing team will help to create relative content written by a native of the area. Another reason we differ from other marketing agencies in Atlanta is that we tie in blog writing with social media and SEO campaigns. It is not required to do so but combining the 3 produces the best results. Combining the 3 will also ensure everything flows and leverages the other seamlessly. To learn more about marketing agencies in Atlanta that offer blog writing visit Joseph Studios’ website.

Why Work With a Marketing Agency?

As you may know, it is harder than ever to stand out from the crowd with all that the internet has to offer today. You could post something on social media and it could never be seen by your audience with all the other posts on other newsfeeds. With paid advertising and everything else, getting your content seen by others is more competitive than ever. In addition, the marketing industry changes every day and there are new strategies each day. Only a marketing expert is caught up on the latest trends and the programs to implement the trends. Marketing is one of the most important functions of a business and should not be overlooked by businesses. Marketing is what drives sales and builds relationships with customers.

Marketing requires a lot of time and effort that most businesses don’t have. Of course, you can hire an internal team, but it will cost a bunch more and won’t be as effective. Why not work with a team of professionals that guarantee results? If you are not seeing the results you are expecting from your marketing campaign, working with a marketing agency may be a great idea for you/ Marketing agencies are dedicated to producing results, otherwise, businesses wouldn’t work with them. Having an internal team is also a risk for your business. This internal team could spend hours, even months on a marketing campaign that is not effective. This will cost you and your business money. Having a professional marketing team in place will ensure that your marketing strategy is the best of the best. Marketing agencies know what works and what doesn’t. In addition, marketing agencies are able to provide you with results to see just how effective their work is.

Marketing Agencies in Atlanta

If you are considering marketing agencies in Atlanta, contact a Joseph Studios Team member today. Joseph Studios is passionate about delivering outstanding results to its clients. If you need an effective marketing strategy, Joseph Studios has an expert in strategy. Interested in SEO and backlinks? Joseph Studios have a professional for that too. Need assistance with your social media and increasing your reach? Joseph Studios has that too. If you are not sure what your business needs but know you need marketing assistance, our team will work to develop a strategy for you that works with your budget. Whatever your marketing needs, there is a professional to help you and your business.


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