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May 15, 2019
by Daniel Klein



What does A Marketing Agency Do?


  • If you know a bit about the marketing industry, you may have heard many times how the industry is changing. Traditional marketing isn’t as effective as it used it be. Not too long ago the marketing industry was all about paper advertisements in magazines or direct mail, tv and radio ads and billboards. As the mobile world (laptops, tablets and cellphones) has become a place where everyone spends their time, this is where the marketing industry has shifted towards.

  • At one point, television ads were popular because that is how people received their news and entertainment. However, people don’t watch tv nearly as much and this strategy is failing to reach audiences. On the other hand, the average person an entire day every week online. The marketing industry has recognized this shift of where people spend their time and now there are new marketing strategies introduced into the industry every day. These strategies are more affordable, more effective and has a tremendous amount of potential to increase a company’s ROI if done correctly.

  • The bad news about the marketing industry is its hard to keep up with and if done incorrectly, it could have negative effects on your business. The good news is, marketing agencies have recognized the tremendous growth in the industry and have built teams of experts to take care of your entire marketing strategy for you. When you work with a marketing agency, you are making a smart investment for your business.



What is Marketing?


Simply put and how defines marketing is “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.” A marketing agency helps a business to develop and implement a marketing strategy that will get people interested in your business’ product or service.

Where Does A Marketing Agency Start?
When you work with a marketing agency, your marketing plan isn’t developed just off the top of people’s heads. Perhaps the most important part of the work that a marketing agency does is strategizing. Before your marketing plan is created, the marketing agency has (or should have) a team of experts to conduct market research. During this time, the marketing agency conducts an internal audit for your businesses to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Research also includes a competitive analysis to see what your competitors are doing, what has been successful for them and what you can do better than them. In addition, market research will help to determine where your target audience is. Once all this information is gathered, put into a report and sent to the client, the marketing agency is able to develop a marketing strategy.

A marketing agency will create a marketing strategy that is tailored to your business. There is no same plan that is successful for every business and applied to every client. A good marketing agency will do thorough research and come up with a strategy that will drive results for you. There are 4 key components in marketing that every business should utilize in their strategy in some type of way.

• Social Media- In addition to a website, social media pages are something that every business need in today’s marketing industry. As mentioned before, this is where people spend their time and how you will build your brand reputation. Social media is how you communicate with your consumers and a way to build a relationship. The great thing about social media in comparison to marketing strategies in the past is the fact that these platforms are a two-way street when it comes to communication. Engaging with your audience has become an essential marketing strategy that is appreciated by consumers. A Marketing Agency can help you with all things when it comes to social media. From creating social media pages, to scheduling posts and engaging in discussion, a Marketing Agency will ensure your social media pages are the best out there.

• Search Engine Optimization- Having a website is essential and something a business can’t succeed without…but what good is this website if no one is visiting it? SEO is vital for a business’ success. SEO is how people find your website, learn about your brand, become valuable customers and ultimately drive sales. 51 percent of all website traffic comes from organic search and 91.5 percent is the average traffic share generated by the sites listed on the first Google search results page. A marketing agency has a team of SEO specialists that can help you rank for keywords to increase your ranking on search engines like google and Youtube. Marketing agencies can also optimize your content for search engines, post backlinks to other sites and many more SEO methods.

• Email Marketing- with nearly 91 percent of internet users active with email, its no surprise email is the number one way of communicating with consumers. Email marketing is similar to the previous strategy of direct mail. Email marketing however is highly effective, more affordable and targets your audience better. Email marketing can bring in $38 for every $1 spent on the campaign. Its tremendously effective when done properly which is why email marketing should be handled by professionals. A marketing agency will have access to all email marketing services like Constant Contact and Mail Chimp to help create and distribute all your email marketing campaign. A marketing agency will create the content, build your contact list, distribute the emails and most importantly measure the success of each campaign.

• Blog Writing- While blogs provide valuable and entertaining content to your target audience, they do so much more for a business. Blogs dramatically help you rank better in search engines naturally without the use of paid advertisements. By creating consistent, high-quality, relative content for blogs, you are giving search engines more content to recognize. A Marketing Agency also has a team of professionals who are experts in content writing that will understand your target audience and develop high-quality content.




What a Marketing Agency Should Do


  • Now that you understand how a marketing agency works, you should understand how a marketing agency can help your business. First and foremost, a marketing agency will evaluate your brands needs and develop a powerful strategy that maximizes your profits. This is where the strategy professionals in a marketing agency come in.

  • A marketing agency will work with you to improve efficiency and productivity and by working with the agency, you will be able to define your objectives and set measurable goals. The marketing agency will rely on its strategy team for data which will be the backbone of your marketing plan. By focusing on the data that is provided, you will be able to target your audience which will help determine the best way to reach them and the type of content that needs to be created to better connect with them. When you do thorough research on your target audience you will have a clear understanding of your ideal buyer and what their buying process is. Once your marketing plan is developed from this research you can expect to see your business skyrocket because of this connection to your consumers.
    When you work with a Marketing Agency, you can expect your online presence to increase. Every business strives to be the first page that comes up on search engines, the Facebook page with the most followers and interactions, the website with the most views and least bounce rates while of course becoming authoritative and reputable online. A marketing Agency will work with your business to help you become a brand leader and enhance your online visibility.

  • The best marketing agencies develop strategies that consistently produce measurable outcomes. A marketing agency will provide you with monthly reports just to show you how effective their work is. A Marketing Agency is dedicated to providing clients with results that boost their ROI and these reports are proof of their efforts.

    Why Work with a Marketing Agency?

    Developing a marketing strategy from research, implementing the strategy, and measuring the success takes a lot of time and more than one person. For your marketing plan to be successful, a team of specialists should be responsible for handling each part whether it be SEO, social media, email marketing, etc., Marketing is an essential part of a business and is what makes a business successful.

    Not only will a marketing agency provide you with a team of experts, but they will save you time and money. A marketing agency also has access to all the tools you need like email marketing programs, social media programs like Sprout, to schedule postings and ensure your social media campaigns are delivered on time and are effective. Marketing Agencies also have all the tools you need to measure the success of each strategy and utilize that information to continually improve your marketing plan to ensure your marketing strategy is the best it can be. A marketing agency is up to date on the latest trends in the marketing industry and will know what works for your business and what doesn’t; simply because the research they do will provide insight to what competitors have found success in. When you work with a marketing agency you can ensure that your marketing plan will always be effective and the content that is produced (for blogs, social media, email marketing, etc.,) is always of high quality that appeals to your target audience.

    Joseph Studios

    Joseph Studios is a Marketing agency that uses an Organic marketing approach. By using an organic marketing approach, you will be able to convert visitors to customers. Joseph Studios organic marketing uses organic content that will build trust in your brand and widen your sales funnel to ultimately make your business more money.
    Joseph Studios is a marketing agency that has all the tools you need to be successful. Whether you need someone to develop a strategy, build your online presence with social media, enhance online visibility with SEO, email marketing or develop content for blog writing, Joseph Studios has it all. Joseph Studios has a team of marketing experts who are all located in the US; no outsourcing is ever done. When you work with Joseph Studios you will be able to work with an expert in strategy who will develop a powerful marketing plan tailored to your business and you will also have a project manager who will ensure all work is delivered on time and ensure all work is effective.
    Joseph Studios has won numerous awards for email marketing, SEO, social media and general marketing awards. Needless to say, Joseph Studios is truly a team of experts who are dedicated to delivering effective results to clients while helping them grow and enhance their business.
    To learn more about how working with a marketing agency can benefit your business, contact an experts today.



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