Starting a business is difficult and time consuming! Equally; building your online presence is not only important but could be vital if you’re business is 100% web based. Dont struggle your way through these tasks when having the right partner can get you to market and profitability faster!

Let Jos. Studios be your strategic business partner. The list and scope of services included in this program is below.

Within this engagement we’ll:

1) Build your online presence

  • Create your website -or- fix your current one
  • Setup your business to be organically searched for on Google/Yahoo/Bing/Yelp
  • Build your first mailing list
  • Integrate your business into Google. To provide you the information you need to grow your business

2) Brand your business

  • We’ll create customized colors, patterns, logos, and banners for your business to use to attract new customers and clients
  • Increase your business following and public interest in your business
  • Improve or kick off your business’ online reputation

3) Increase sales

  • We’ll coach you on the 10 commitments you need from potential clients to turn them into paying clients. Improving your business and helping you grow as their partner, not simply a vendor
  • We’ll work with you to create your sales / client funnel -getting you sales and customers!

4) Manage your online presence, marketing, and public relations

  • We’ll customize a plan to allow you to focus on your customers and clients, rather than blogging, upgrading your IT software, and building customer communications

The investment for this package is based on the hours used, and our prices are listed on our our front page, but before suggesting a solution we’ll explore your needs and collaborate together on a solution you love, and we know will help you grow and be competitive.

Thank you for sharing your time with us. We’d love to continue this conversation and share some ideas of quick ways you can increase your clientele and grow your company immediately. Can we schedule a 20 minute call together and explore a little deeper?



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