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Marketing Companies Near Me

Build A Relationship With Your Marketing Team

We’re the team that is going to treat you like a partner and who genuinely cares about your company’s success and growth.

Our services are extremely white glove and hands-on. We take immense pride in each of our clients. Whether they’re literally just down the road (and some are) or across the country.

Since we’re a virtual team we have team members in many states, but the common thread is that we’re all very passionate about each of our clients, we build great relationships with each of them, and we truly care about their success.

Our Timeline:

  1. Once we have everything needed, we will start posting, usually by the first business day of the following week.
  2. From that point on, we recommend having bi-weekly sync meetings for 30 minutes where we can communicate about upcoming content and discuss strategy with you or a leader from your ops team.
  3. On the last day of each month, we will send out a report containing analytics and insights into your overall progress.
  4. On-site improvements, off-site campaigns, and interactions on social media as leads are reviewed for momentum adjustments and strategic improvements.

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Joseph Studios took the idea in our minds and made it a reality. They built our website, developed our marketing and SEO strategy, and managed our whole project. Without Joseph Studios, we would have spent enough money to go bankrupt. They kept us on track and put us into business. We wouldn’t be here without them.

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Here Are Some Marketing Ideas To Get You Started!

Get noticed beyond your web page with a local social media marketing agency.

Social media marketing is essential to every company’s growth and maturity these days. As a business, you must always be present where your customers are.

This is to inform them of deals, news, but also to answer their questions or concerns. Being present and accounted for is critical for customer relations and having a social media presence enables this.

Key Considerations

• Social media isn’t about sales; it’s about being sociable. The sales are as a result of building relationships with those on the same app.

Social Media ROI

Social media provides you “soft leads” where the lead may lightly engage in direct conversation with you on social media, but then use your website contact form or another funnel to actually enter into your sales process.

We see lots of instances each week of current and past customers of our clients interacting via the client’s social media account, but since we don’t want to double count leads, we don’t count these interactions on social media as leads. Rather we track the conversions that happen on the client’s website.

• Focus needs to be on drawing attention via forums and groups where there is already a crowd hoping to discover a company like yours.

• Be present and engaged in conversations

Social media marketing is not a sales tactic for overnight results. Its value comes from the long-term (genuine) relationship-building that you develop with potential clients.

Continually engaging with and providing value to your fan base outside of a direct sales pitch will ensure you remain top of mind and regarded as a business of integrity.

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Is Choosing A Local Marketing Agency Always Best?

THE DILEMMA: If you’re looking for a marketing company near you, you’ll 100% get 50 different “agencies” ready to sign you up, but how do you know they’re any good?

Just Googling for:

-"Marketing companies near me"-

Sadly Isn’t going to yield your business the results you’re looking for and very likely could harm your business.

As a marketing firm who’s active in the national arena for marketing we can tell you that about 90% of the “agencies” out there, especially the ones near you, are one or two person shops. They’re most likely a generalist in the field and they (like all other solo-entrepreneurs) have to run their entire business on top of helping you with your marketing. In general, it’s not a recipe for success to choose a business partner solely on the basis of proximity to you. What you’re probably looking for is a team of experts who can lift the burden of marketing off your shoulders or augment your current marketing work with specialized skills and tools. So while you’re out there looking for a partner please, please be wary of the local mom and pop agencies flooding the market because you’ll soon find out that their limitations far exceed their capabilities.

How is Joseph Studios Different?

The biggest difference between Joseph Studios and our competition is our high level of engagement with each client and our ability to support each client’s changing business needs with professional and technical support.

Marketing Reports and Metrics

Our Strategy Manager and your Client Success Manager (CSM) partner with you to provide a monthly report on the status of our work together. We breakdown the report by each subscription you have and try to focus on metrics which drive revenue for you rather than what we call “vanity metrics”. Vanity metric examples would be; site traffic, impressions, views. Anything that doesn’t result in revenue.

We then review the previous month’s report in the following sync meeting. Answer any questions you may have, and amend our strategy based on any patterns that emerge in the reported data.

Sync Meetings

Once you choose to move forward with us you’ll be assign a Client Success Manager (CSM). This person’s role is to ensure you have a seamless onboarding experience, and you’re enabled from a marketing and PR perspective throughout our journey together.

Your CSM will be your primary point of contact, although you’ll enjoy access to everyone on the team.

Your CSM will also arrange and schedule your bi-weekly or monthly sync meetings to go over your marketing strategy, troubleshoot roadblocks, and help ensure your marketing and operations efforts work with each other to a shared goal (that being client retention and new client acquisition for your business).

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