Marketing Problems You Might Run Into As You Grow

June 27, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

Every company business wants to grow. After all, that’s how you determine success and generate revenue. What most people fail to realize are the challenges they are faced with as they grow.

Growth is great but if you don’t manage growth effectively, it’s easy to get off track. As businesses continue to grow, they are faced with marketing problems. You have more content that needs to be produced, new customers coming from every direction and new tasks that need to be completed. How do you manage it all? We have some of the top marketing problems growing businesses encounter when it comes to growth and how to solve them.


Finding Your Unique Positioning


Every day we are bombarded by brands…they are everywhere. You can’t go to a website without seeing advertisements pop up or look at your social media newsfeeds without seeing paid sponsorships. The customers you want to attract are also being bombarded by other brands. So, what is going to make your brand stand out?

How to solve it: Find what it is that makes your brand different and stick with it. Do you offer faster service? Lower Prices? Whatever it is that makes you different, make it clear to your audience. Jimmy Johns, for example, is known for their “freaky fast sandwiches.” This is what differentiates them from its competitors. There are tons of sandwich shops out there so it’s important that Jimmy Johns has something that sets them apart from others. Your business should do the same. As you grow, you might offer new products or brands, but you should always remain consistent in voicing what makes you different from others. Not only will this give your audience a reason to choose you over your competitors, but it will give them something (a phrase) to remember you by.


Creating High-Quality Content


As your business grows, it becomes difficult to keep content high-quality and organized. There is so much information you need to get out, that it’s easy to just get it all out there. The key is to keep it simple by having searchable, organized and relevant content.

How to solve it: Have you ever visited a website and got so frustrated because you couldn’t find what you were looking for? It’s easy for your audience to exit your webpage or social media if they can’t find what they are looking for. Keep your website organized by having tabs for specific products or services or even implement a bot, where customers can chat with as needed. When it comes to the content you are creating, whether it’s for websites, blogs, email marketing or social media, always keep in mind that it needs to be relative. You want your audience to continue to read your content, which is why it’s so important to keep it relative and high quality. Find out what your audience enjoys reading and finds informative and stick with it. When it comes to the content you create, remain consistent among all channels.

As your business begins to grow, you attract new customers. Some customers you may have expected, and others are different from what you had planned. You must be able to have a consistent voice that continues to attract your valuable customers. Your marketing plan should always be built around your target audience. Your target audience is those customers who are going to be your long-term customers and those that will continue to do business with you. As your business grows, it’s easy to get mixed up and create a message for everyone. However, this is almost impossible, and you never want to lose the voice that connects with your target audience.


Developing an Organized Plan


Have you ever walked into the grocery store knowing you need a ton of stuff but didn’t create a list? It’s easy to forget what you need when you have no direction! The same can be said for businesses. Businesses need some sort of direction when it comes to marketing. Especially as your business grows. Without a plan, its easy to get off track and lose sight of your goals.

How to solve it: Develop a strategy and stick to it. In our recent blog, we mentioned the difference between companies that continuously generate millions of dollars in revenue and those that struggle to barely make ends meet. It all came down to the strategy they had (or didn’t have.) The most successful companies out there have a corporate marketing strategy that continues to guide them in the direction they need to go. Organizations that were not as successful generally had no plan at all and were just going with the flow. A successful marketing strategy is built based on research. This research is conducted by an internal audit to research current marketing efforts, industry marketing trends, research to determine what your competitors are doing and where you might be able to succeed in. Your strategy will serve as a guide for your marketing efforts and keep everything organized and on track.

In conclusion, growth is a wonderful achievement for every business! When it comes to marketing, these challenges are inevitable. Know that you don’t have to face them alone. With the help of a marketing agency, you can remain on track and continue to grow.

A marketing agency can help you build a successful marketing strategy and develop a plan that is going to be successful and guide you as your business continues to grow. Don’t wait until its too late, get in touch with Joseph Studios today to avoid growing pains in your business.


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