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September 01, 2019
by Daniel Klein


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As your business grows and prospers there comes a time when you as a leader should look to delegate some of your responsibilities to others. The key things to look for in the person you delegate your work to is that they’re both more capable than you, and able able to take a high level strategy or vision and implement it effectively. That said, there are three specific times you should look to outsource your marketing to an agency (like us). Here are those situations and an explaination as to why.

  • Seek a marketing quote once you’ve become profitable

    1. Reason: marketing is a huge investment that takes time to become effective and generate business for you, and if your business hasn’t yet made any profit then you’re really just working off of barrowed time and you may be taking on more than you can afford. This has the potential to decrease the amount of time you have before running out of funds and having to close up shop.
    2. In this case we suggest you refraign from hiring ANY marketing person. No freelancers, solopreneurs, or agencies (even us). Instead, focus on your core business model and ensure your product is AMAZING. Then focus on organically selling your product or service (no ads, no nothing).
    3. The goal here is to build a process by which you can sell, deliver, and capture a review; all without outside help. From this point you can begin optomizing, refining, and growing, but there will NEVER be a point at which you can throw money at a problem and hope it goes away.
  • Seek a marketing quote if you’re working on a one-time project

    1. There are many times as you grow and expand that you need help with a project that’s outside of your skills or expertise. It may also be that these one-off efforts require marketing deliverables like a press release, publication to some where specific, or an influencer’s help to boost awareness. These are all great times to engage with a specialist, like us.
  • Seek a Marketing Quote in lieu of hiring an internal team or to augment your internal team

    • This reason is really our bread and butter for a few reasons. Namely, when you either hire us as your outside team entirely or to augment your internal person(s) you advoid all the responsibilities of an employer.
      • You wont have to worry about marketing professional development
      • No extra taxes, insurance, or HR issues
      • No concern over whether you’re hiring a quality marketing expert
    • As a stand alone marketing team we can support your strategic growth, tactical goals, and improve your business model all through the lense of a marketing subject matter expert.
    • As an augmentee to your internal team we’re able to help them focus on strategic goals while we support as their action arm. This ensures they’re growing and prospering without becoming the “man in the middle” or the “approval person”. It also ensures they don’t have to maintain profeciency in all the sub-disciplines within marketing to remain effective. Yes; this is absolutely a great time in your company’s life to look to hire a marketing team like ours.


When asking for a marketing quote there are some things you need to mention in the discovery call:

  • Your marketing quote needs to include the how, what, and why.

    • How will the agency implement your campaign
    • What specific should you expect at specific milestones. This isn’t a ROI on the marketing provided, but a map explaining where the marketing experts will be and where you need to be in order for the campaign to be the most effective.
    • Why the approach makes the most sense for your specific situation.
    • KEEP IN MIND: these items can be covered verbally in your discovery call, and many times it makes more sense to develop your specific roadmap as the campaign begins rather than before, but all that should be made clear ahead of time so the campaign goes off with a bang and not a fizzle.
  • If your marketing quote needs to factor in any legal or regulatory limitations

    1. Be sure to let us know if your industry is regulated, and in what ways it’s regulated from a marketing perspective so we can factor that into our initial approach.
    2. If you’re part of a lawfirm, pharma, or government organization for example your marketing approach needs to comply with some specific rules. We can help here, but need to know this is the case when we speak.


Our marketing quotes, whether you’re a super small company or a Furtune 100 will outline a few things.

  • What will be delivered

  • How it will be delivered

  • Why this is the best approach

Here we sometimes get asked the question, “Well, what specifically would you do differently than what we’re doing now?” That’s a great question! Let’s begin the campaign so resources can be allocated to build out that custom solution for you.


If your marketing quote doesn’t have the following items, it’s a clear “red flag” about the agency

  • A crystal clear idea of the final price

    • If the price is hidden behind a bunch of tiered options, or start-up fees, or up-sells that are really required, then you’re asking for trouble. Your marketing partner should be exactily that, a partner, and partners don’t cover up important details like price.
  • Intial expectations for how you both will communicate with eachother or escalate problems.

  • Initial expectations for delivery

    • Don’t leave a meeting without a clear understanding of what’s next and where you need to be. Our team will always ensure you know what is expected of you and what to expect of us so there are no mishaps or disconnects.



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