Looking for direction on the current state of your business’ online presence, but don’t have the proper resources or time to get started with improvements? Let Jos. Studios be your strategic business partner, with our business audit service. The list and scope of services included in this program are below.



At the end of the engagement we’ll give you a full report on the state of your online affairs. Within this lengthy report we’ll include:

  • Your positioning in the market, analysis on your top five competitors, and how your competition is trying to position themselves against you.
  • Your SEO status and ranking for the top keywords you need to gain leads and sales
  • Full analysis  and recommendations on your sales funnel. Specifically focusing on where  your traffic drops out of your funnel.
  • User experience testing from our tri-perspective test set; covering the viewpoints of our internal marketing  executive, our internal sales executive, and our client experience manager.
  • A to-do-list of the “critical”, “must have”, and “nice to have” items for your business, from each of the above test sets


The investment for this package is based on the hours used, and our prices are listed on our our front page, but before suggesting a solution we’ll explore your needs and collaborate together on a solution you love. In fact, we’d love to continue this conversation and share some ideas of quick ways you can increase your clientele and grow your company immediately. Can we schedule a 20 minute call together and explore a little deeper?



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