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June 17, 2019
by Daniel Klein

What is Online Marketing Agency?

Over the last 10-15 years, the marketing industry has faced many changes. Traditional marketing doesn’t work like it used to because of the internet and the rise of digital media. Gone are the days where advertisements and promotions were done on tv, billboards and the radio. Today, marketing is all about your business’ online presence. Your business needs a strong online presence, social media presence and additional strategies to build a relationship with your audience. In addition to the transition from traditional marketing to the marketing industry today, customers are all about relationship building. They like to feel connected with the businesses they support and expect two-way communication (when they need it.)

What business has the time to build a strong media presence and relationships with its audience? Truth be told, most don’t. That’s where the help of an online marketing agency comes in. An online marketing agency will increase your media presence and do all the things your business needs to do to build the relationship your audience is looking for.

Why Work With Online Marketing Agency?

When it comes to your marketing efforts you have two choices: Hire an internal team (or marketing specialist) or hire an external team (a marketing agency.) There are many reasons why one might choose to work with an agency.

Lower costs According to Glassdoor, the average marketing manager salary is $81,078/yr and the average salary for an entry level marketing associate is $45,000. Those salaries do not include benefits or other additional costs. Successful companies that do have an internal marketing team have more than one marketing employee which can tremendously increase your employee costs. This is why businesses have begun to outsource their marketing efforts. They get a team of marketing experts for a lower cost.

New Perspective While it is important for the marketing agency you partner with to learn about your business and its industry, one of the benefits of working with an external team is the outside perspective you receive. You might be surprised to discover that the agency has worked with clients similar to your business, so they know what works and what doesn’t- but if not, the great thing about marketing agencies is the experts are adaptable to different industries. The online marketing agency you work with can develop ideas you may not have ever thought of…which can give you the upper hand in your industry.

You Get A Team Hiring a marketing expert is one thing, and hiring a marketing consultant is another, but hiring a marketing agency means you are hiring a team. Not only is it a team of multiple people but this team is built with the best individuals in the industry. Marketing agencies are teams of experts who live and breathe marketing. One downfall of hiring a marketing associate is they don’t have the time to get caught up on the industry because they are working so hard to create a successful strategy. Marketing agencies stay up to date on the latest trends and knows what is working in the industry and what is not. Looking for a marketing team that works fast-paced and love solving problems? A marketing agency is a way to go.

Keep Track of Progress A marketing agency relies heavily on data. When you work with a marketing agency you will have access to all the data you need. The right marketing agencies will share reports with you monthly to give you an update on their progress. A lot of times, internal teams do not have the time to create accurate reports which leave you with the question “How can I improve my marketing strategy?” Without accurate data, you won’t know where you can improve.

Access to Tools In addition to paying an internal marketing team, another large expense is the tools needed to facilitate your marketing efforts. When you work with a marketing agency, everything you need the agency has. Need a social media scheduling program? Email marketing program? Graphic design programs? Everything you need, the agency already has access to.

What Does Online Marketing Agency Do?

A marketing agency creates and implements a successful marketing strategy to increase sales and profits for a company. In addition, a marketing agency works to build long-term, quality relationships with your target audience.

A good online marketing agency will start with an internal audit of your business to see what is successful in your current marketing efforts and where you can improve. The agency will also conduct thorough research of your industry and your competitors. Then, a strategy will be built based on the information that was found in the research.

Depending on the marketing agency, there are many services agencies provide. Joseph Studios, for example, provides SEO and backlink services if you are looking to increase your online presence. Social media services are also offered to engage with your audience and build relationships, email marketing is offered to increase sales and build customer loyalty with current customers and potential customers, and content marketing is offered to foster a community for your customers and potential customers and provide your customers with more information about your product or services.

About Joseph Studios | Online Marketing Agency

Joseph Studios is a full-service marketing agency that offers a variety of services from strategy, to press releases and everything in between. Joseph Studios is an online marketing agency that utilizes an organic approach. An organic marketing approach attracts customers organically (naturally) meaning that we don’t use paid advertisements or placements. This marketing approach ensures you build long-term relationships with valuable customers.

When you work with Joseph Studios, you can expect nothing but the best. We deliver monthly reports to show our progress, you will have a strategy manager, specialists in whichever services you use, and a project manager to ensure work is delivered on time and effectively. Joseph Studios is dedicated to delivering excellent results to its clients.


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