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December 29, 2018
by Daniel Klein


On behalf of everyone at Joseph Studios, welcome to a better way to market!


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We are so excited to be helping you reach your business growth goals through targeted organic marketing. Be it SEO, email marketing, content marketing or influencer marketing, the team is ready to get started with the planning and production of your marketing.


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How to Work with a Marketing Agency

Hiring a marketing firm is the first step to what will hopefully become a successful partnership. But like any other partnership, your relationship with an outside marketing firm needs to be focused on collaboration to succeed. It is ineffective communication between businesses and marketing firms that often leads to a lack of any meaningful progress.

Every marketing campaign, for that matter, benefits greatly from a good collaboration between marketing experts and the business’s decision-makers. So, how to work with an outside marketing firm to reap the most benefits as possible?


Being Engaged

It’s important to remember that even if the marketing firm brings its expertise, this is not a hands-off process on your part, either. Like we mentioned before, communication, collaboration, and engagement stand at the foundation of a successful partnership.

Now, be it SEO, social media, content, email, or any other type of digital marketing, regular interactions and debriefings can work wonders. They help align or realign goals and expectations, ensuring the shortest and safest path to success.


Setting the Agenda

Every success is based on the partners knowing each other’s expectations. When discussing a new campaign, for instance, the topics of discussion typically include target audiences, timelines, budgets, and other such similar issues. A good way of streamlining these early-stage meetings is by having the attendees research and submit topics in advance. It will ensure that there will be enough relevant data to have a productive meeting.

For ongoing campaigns, however, your agenda should focus on other topics such as website traffic, conversion rates, optimization, etc., as well as agreeing on the next steps. Once everything is working correctly and you experience a consistent rise in traffic, it’s time to pay attention to lead and sales conversions. Various opportunities may also present themselves down the line, such as the introduction of chatbots as a means of providing shopping assistance.


Set Marketing Goals

The digital environment is a fast-changing organism. It’s important to keep in mind this fact when working with a marketing firm. It’s good always to have an open mind and allow for a certain degree of creativity and flexibility concerning goal-setting. It’s also a great idea to have your marketing campaigns ready well in advance. You don’t want to wait until the last minute before peak season to plan your strategy.

A proper collaboration and regular engagement between the marketers and business is critical. You will need to keep them informed of any changes or updates related to your products and services. These updates could be connected to anything from upcoming offers, discounts, product launches, data on the competition, and even incoming sales-related customer feedback, among much other such useful information. The more this data shares between you and the marketing firm, the more accurate your strategies will be.


Getting Organized

The frequency of your collaborations should be influenced by the size, number, and type of campaigns you are working on. These meetings could happen monthly or weekly. It’s also a good idea to not go longer than a month without communicating, otherwise risk getting out of sync.

Equally important to remember; depending on the type of campaign, they may also need your approval regarding content and postings. If you don’t respond to these requests on time, your campaigns will have a tough time moving forward.



It is without a shadow of a doubt that an effective communication sits at the foundation of a successful partnership between yourself and your marketing firm. For more on marketing, visit our website or contact us directly.


Again, welcome and we look forward to being your strategic partner



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