Our Team

Daniel Klein

Founder & CEO

Daniel is our Founder and CEO. His intelligence, corporate, and digital marketing experience spans 15 years. Formerly he supported National and US/Partner Clients. In his role with us at Joseph Studios, he ensures our brand's and client's growth via excellent digital marketing.

Veronika Mukhina head shot

Veronika Mukhina

Director of Technical Marketing

Veronika leads our Technical Marketing Department, and is in charge of SEO, Email Marketing, Paid Search and Display Advertising. She brings with her over a decade of SEO and digital marketing experience, working for the biggest clients in the US.

Andrew Ford

Director of Client Engagement

Andrew's experience helping grow tech, and both B2B and B2C brands, is unmatched and his focus on enabling our clients with the information, expertise, and results they deserve is what ensures our clients are both cared for and enabled. When he isn't in the office, Andrew enjoys working out, spending time with his family, and working on new DIY projects around the home.

Carli Chauvin

Director of Client Engagement

As a Director of Client Engagement, Carli Chauvin is the direct contact for our clients, from social media to website design, PR, email marketing, CRM, customer loyalty programs, and event promotions. She loves bringing a client's vision to life, and seeing the results is rewarding. When she's not in the digital world, you can find her in the woodworking shop, assisting with designing and building custom cabinets and furniture.

Alli Ehrhardt

Director of Public Relations

Alli's vision and passion for crafting superior PR campaigns is unmatched and having come from an incredible pedigree within large PR agencies and the broadcast and sports entertainment world, she's able to envision beautiful, captivating, and meaningful and engaging PR campaigns for our clients.

Johnathon Ford

Director of Intelligence

John's career in the intelligence community spans over 20 years. From supporting National Clients, Law Enforcement, and private clients, John's ability to lead specialized teams that uncover incredible marketing insights or deliver unparalleled reputation defense value is amazing. At Joseph Studios, John leads our psychographic development, reputation defense, and market intelligence efforts.


Joe Singh

Director of Content Marketing

Motivated by his belief that copy drives all marketing, Joe has spent his career helping brands reach their target audience through authentic conversation. From growth marketing to strategy and everything in between, Joe believes in aligning content around the motives that drive audiences from first-time buyers to long-time brand advocates. In his role at Joseph Studios, Joe ensures that clients are accurately represented through content that reflects their brand voice while addressing their customer’s needs.


Ronaldo Stewart

Director of SEO

Ronaldo is an SEO expert who has been in the field for nearly 8 years and has loved every minute of it. He has done SEO, Google Ads, and Facebook ad campaigns for both local SMBs to large national brands. When he's not optimizing websites, you can find him at the gym, spending time with his daughters, or somewhere outdoors fishing.

Jill Vickers

Director of Design

Jill is the Graphic Designer and Email Marketing Director; responsible for the design of the graphics needed and the design of client-branded emails. Her career has taken her into corporate design studios, work as a freelancer, and as a college professor teaching graphic media technology. She has been a designer for over 30 years. She holds a master’s degree in Studio Art and Design Education. In her spare time, she creates illustrations and takes photographs and videos. She also spends time in nature and outdoor activities with her family and pets.


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