Our Team

Daniel Klein

Founder & CEO

Daniel is our Founder and CEO. His intelligence, corporate, and digital marketing experience spans 15 years. Formerly he supported National Intelligence Clients, NSA, and US/Partner Military Clients. In his role with us at Joseph Studios, he ensures our brand's and client's growth via excellent digital marketing.

Lindsey Bamman

Chief Marketing Officer

Lindsey Bamman is our chief marketing officer and currently head of sales. Over her two years with our agency, she has helped build our client base and fine tune our offerings alongside CEO, Daniel Klein. She helps build out a marketing plan for every client she speaks with and helps transition them into working with our team to enact their custom-tailored plan.

Kathryn Harper

Sr. Director of Social Media

Kathryn leads our social media team to drive results across all social media platforms. She comes to us with seven years of experience in content creation and analytics for social media, an MA in Professional Writing, and an eye for grammatical accuracy. Her team produces over four hundred unique social media posts per week.

Anna Denson

Director of Content Marketing

Anna leads our content marketing team and oversees our guest blogging, on-page, multi-media, and digital media verticles. Her team on average pumps out more than one hundred thousand words per week in support of our clients.

Veronika Mukhina

Director of SEO / SEM

Veronika leads our SEO team and is in charge of our link building and on-page SEO subscriptions. She brings with her over a decade of SEO and digital marketing experience, working for the biggest clients in the US.

Jocelyn Langford

Director of Client Success

As the Director of Client Success, Jocelyn Langford is the direct contact for our clients. She values timely responses and works to ensure requests are met and questions are answered. Her priority is to make our clients happy and she works to achieve that by communicating the clients' business goals to Joseph Studio’s internal team and verifying that those goals are met through our efforts. Success for our client's business is success!

Johnathon Ford

Intelligence Director

John's career in the intelligence community spans over 20 years. From supporting National Intelligence Clients, NSA, OGA, State and Federal Law Enforcement, and private clients, John's ability to lead specialized teams that uncover incredible insights or deliver unparalleled engagement value is amazing. At Joseph Studios, John leads our team of digital intelligence operatives and analysts who ensure our clients' brands are protected and represented appropriately anywhere they're spoken about online.


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